When are ear tubes needed for children?

Ear infections occur when there is
fluid in the tympanic membrane or the middle ear. Ear infections are more
common in children that are ages 6 to 24 months and slightly more common in boys and girls. Ear tubes are very small tubes that are placed directly into the
tympanic membrane that allow fluid to drain outside of the ear. Benefits of ear
tubes it aids in recurrent ear infections it provides fluid that is
within the ears to drain outside the ear and it also provides us a means to
administer topical antibiotics that go directly to the source of infection. When
the child is going to have placement of tubes they will go to the hospital to
have those placed surgically by an ear nose and throat specialist under
anesthesia. Generally the procedure is very brief and the child will go home
shortly thereafter. By staying with UnityPoint Clinics in their provider we
are able to track your children’s ear infections on their electronic health
records in order to take the best care possible of your child.

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