When to wear contact lenses instead of glasses? | Q&A # 13

Hello! Welcome to our Q&A session. We get many questions from all of our customers
and today we are going to answer: when should you wear contacts instead of glasses? Choosing to wear glasses or contacts for your
vision correction is a combination of your personal preferences, lifestyle, comfort,
convenience, budget and aesthetics. When purchasing contacts it is important to know the
different types that may fit your eye and life style. Soft contact lenses are the most popular type
of lens.These are comfortable and easier to adapt to than rigid lenses. Hard contact lenses provide crisp and clear
vision. They are appealing to people who have tried
soft contacts and are not satisfied or have dry eyes. Hard contacts are also more breathable and
reduce the risk of eye infections. If you are thinking of using contacts over
glasses, there are pros and cons you should consider before your decision. Contacts sit directly on your eye so your
peripheral vision has no distractions. You can participate in sports and outdoor
activities without fear of eyeglasses getting in the way, falling off or breaking. Contacts do not clash with what you are wearing
and wont fog up in cold weather like glasses. Contacts, however, require daily care and
cleaning to avoid serious eye infections. If you cannot commit to the care required
you should consider daily disposables. Send some more questions our way and take
a look at our playlist to see what we’ve already answered. If you are still left wondering send us a
message through Facebook or twitter or comment on our youtube channel and we would love to
give you some more answers. Until next time remember to take care of those
eyes and from all of us here, be smart and buy smart.

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