When Video Games Go Wrong

from subtle changes in behavior to
serious health risks there are eight negative effects of playing video games
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and request any topics you’d like to learn about in the comment section below number eight low self-esteem people like
to dress up as their favorite video game characters to attend conventions or to
share pictures of their costumes on the Internet
professional cosplay has even become a legitimate way to make money
researchers from Michigan State University and the University of
California at Santa Barbara decided to explore the following question what
happens when players get too attached to video game characters participants had
to rate how much they agree with statements like I can see myself getting
into a relationship with my character or I consider my character a friend of mine
participants were asked how often they played video games how much they enjoyed
those with good characters and how high their levels of self-esteem were
participants with higher character attachment were often found to have
lower self-esteem number seven aggression
several studies have shown that violent videogames can contribute to increased
levels of aggression some have even blamed video game violence as one of the
factors behind several mass shootings researchers from the National Science
Foundation attempted to provide a more elaborate context for such claims they
found the players of morally ambiguous gameplay situations were more violent
than those in pro-social situations such as help in another character
participants were divided into three groups one played a zombie game where
they protect a character another had to hunt zombies for sport and lastly a
puzzle game similar to Tetris they were told they were up against other players
when they were actually playing against a computer when they lost the round they
got a blast of unpleasant white noise in their headphones the winners got to set
the volume and intensity of the white noise to be dished out to the losers the
computer was programmed to let the participants win 13 times and to win the
game 12 times the puzzle game players were the most benevolent the other two
groups were both far more aggressive number six avatar effect customizing and
personalizing an avatar is for many players one of the best parts about
video games players will customize their characters to look like themselves or to
make the experience more personal according to a joint study by the
University of Innsbruck and the University of Sussex in violent video
games personalizing a character raises a person’s level of aggression
participants were divided into four groups one group played a non violent
video game with a personalized avatar and another played a violent game also
with a personalized avatar the other two groups played the same games but with
generic avatars after half an hour the participants were asked to help
researcher with a different study a new person came in to taste some very hot
chili sauce the participants were told this person hated hot chilli sauce but
was doing it for the money they were asked to pour the hot sauce in a bowl
because the tester had to be blind during the study the participants could
pour any amount they wanted into the bowl even though they were told the
person couldn’t stand hot sauce those who poured the most were in the group
that had played the violent game with the personalized avatar it reportedly
didn’t matter whether the characters look like them or not their aggression
levels had increased number five epileptic seizures the link between
video games and epileptic seizures began to cause concerns from the early 1980s
the first documented case of a video game triggering epileptic seizures came
in 1981 as time passed more reports started circulated the range from less
serious incidents to a case covered in 1993 by the son where a boy choked to
death on his own vomit following a seizure that was triggered
by playing a video game shortly afterwards console manufacturers
required game publishers to include epilepsy warnings in the manuals for
games released on their devices seizures occur when a lack of neuronal regulation
causes nerve activity to sync up they’ve been characterized as a storm of brain
activity in which a number of circuits fire together rhythmically in some cases
these can be flashes or pulsing lights similar to those often found in video
games which can trigger a photosensitive seizure
however the available research has underlined that video games don’t cause
epilepsy but may trigger seizures in those who already have a predisposition
to it we’re in sunglasses while playing and keeping a distance of 10 feet or
more may significantly reduce the risk of a
seizure number for vision problems many studies reflect the positive
effects that video games have on reaction time spatial awareness or
peripheral and even central vision in fact studies from 2011 came to the
conclusion that occlusion therapy combined with video game therapy had
proven very effective in recovering visual acuity for people suffering from
amblyopia also known as lazy eye however some experts argue that from an
evolutionary standpoint the cornea pupil and iris aren’t intended for extended
exposure to the screens of electric devices playing video games for too long
can cause eye strain focusing on the screen for hours on end can cause
symptoms similar to those of CBS or computer vision syndrome these include
headaches blurred vision dry or irritated eyes to prevent this doctors
suggest reducing glare from windows or other light sources which may force the
eyes to work harder taking breaks and looking into the distance without
forcing focus is also recommended as a way of relaxing the eyes number 3
problems with bones and muscles medical journal The Lancet published a case
report in 2004 which mentioned the playstation thumb in a nine year old boy
rapid gameplay had caused friction between the thumb and the controller
which had led to numbness and a blister frequent tendon injuries to the hands
and wrists of Nintendo players have been dubbed Nintendo nightís studies have
shown that playing video games for more than two hours every day enhances the
risk of pain at most anatomic sites neck and lower back pain are common among
gamers who play for more than two hours every day
ergonomic measures like using a special chair can be used to improve postural
problems never the Gaming for hours on end takes a toll on
the body’s bones and muscles which can lead to more serious conditions over
time children have bodies that are still developing and frequent pain in the
wrists hands back and neck can affect their physical development number two
obesity it’s been estimated that children in the u.s. spend approximately
25% of their waking hours playing video games or watching TV since long gaming
sessions basically replace physical activity a connection has been
established between having and increased body mass index and video games one
study showed that boys who spend over one and a half hours gaming a seventy
five point four percent more likely to be overweight than those spending less
than one and a half hours a 2011 study revealed that in teens there’s an
increase in food intake regardless of appetite during prolonged video game
sessions consoles promotes in acting video games like Xbox with Kinect
PlayStation Move all we have tried to address the rising obesity problem the
Baylor College of Medicine conducted a study to determine whether there were
any benefits in children that received active video games under natural
circumstances and not in a controlled setting
there weren’t any results indicating more physical activity in children that
received such games however exergaming has proven effective in increasing
cognitive functioning in healthy older adults and even in those suffering from
Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases one possible answer for the
obesity issue is using a VR headset in a setting that allows for 360-degree
motion the effects of this technology are still being studied but initial
results appear to be promising regarding weight management number one gamers
thrombosed this deep vein thrombosis or DVT is a
dangerous and potentially deadly condition it usually affects people
immobilized for extended periods of time like on long-haul airplane trips with
DVT blood clots develop typically within the
leg the condition becomes deadly because these clots can break off and travel
through the bloodstream and block an artery that delivers blood to the lung
this is called a pulmonary embolism the connection between thrombosis and
sitting was first noticed in World War two during the bombing of London doctors
began reporting pulmonary embolism deaths in people that sat in chairs for
hours in air-raid shelters since playing video games often requires sitting for a
long time the condition has also been associated with gamers the condition has
been referred to as gameís rump BOCES and some incidents have been fatal chris
Stanny fourth a 20 year old x-box player from the UK who would spend over 12
hours online died of DVT in 2011 a Russian teenager died from DVT after
playing dota for several days straight Xiao Han a 20 year old gamer from China
almost died of DVT after a 40 hour session doctors recommend that if
sitting for long periods of time you should take short breaks and walk around
every two to three hours drinking enough water and doing regular leg exercises
even while seated is also highly recommended

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