Who Wants Eye Tattoos?

ice axes okay all right after this might be an
emerging gain in prisons throughout the nation all right we have an incredible video on
this honestly if you know uh… feel nauseous easily
you don’t want to watch this video uh… reason number two hundred and
eighty-three why i don’t want to be imprisoned all right let’s forget two things to level unlike him first by like a producer’s tension
trials he’s s wise vs brought questions life everybody’s got transnational issues in
front of the internet never seen you really want to rise had except for both uses satellites pull stuff like the final frontier
nobody’s ever done plan to do what is the largest social i thought it would be it contamination
didn’t happen to remove decide what should be interesting doubled because our school this yet serbian one these people in the internet like
stricter six-person anymore delighted discrimination helpdesk there’s no one in the world destined for a fact neither of the cell mates would reveal
how they tend to theorize or how they manage to create the colored and
flavored naturally through the process but i do know that it is painful one you don’t use conventional testing done
or homemade pension plans position where you got a meeting between
l_a_ ursula you can use a half-dozen needlessly place a national unity please call my cell and cancer studies
mostly for concrete self-sufficient drinking anyway you want you know he was
the first one and now he lives through its own went on the dismantled by lindsey was like this resume as well as outside baltimore
eliza doolittle instrumentation and also haphazard and lots of all the way w someone always themselves derailed c_b_s_ bsd committee if you decide to do this discovered this bear it takes some time to meet you gotta be
serious talk about that you really do his painful slate was a
mistake and high-stakes like stepping back your eyes sometimes draw straws danielle selling gotta worry about no
more pain bernardino complications and vision and
i have seen already politician perfectly fine opposes geared do it the does the wall street no you know ice so long time ago that what
i had a certain age outfits process by sarah wanted it uh… billboards for a long what’s the
point needed at some point anyway was corporate i’m not going that balls about no reason for that you know you would have the committee
yet community for mental side talking about it as if
it’s like a diet plan and or something that’s going to save
your life but you gotta be conveyed did and it’s going to hurt a little at
first but it’s going to be good for the long run like what are you free starting about
cap that oakhurst no it’s not difficult question there’s a
lot they walk height white-hot because you said it’s feels like didn’t stand and i would i
speak over target that’s why not if they should look like
a maniac that’s why not let ally why not rate and the thing is they’re criminals
writing so that it makes them look more banner i can see the wide to that because read
i’m trying to be fair reasonably but you’re also criminals so if you go out in the world and commit another crime and that’s it you’re going to it just
isn’t it was me to commit another crime but if you do it’s going to be pretty easy to pick you
up you do you think about that buffet i hope you all committed war
crimes orders will be an issue but into the club of but they will have
the beverage nobody ever thought that uh… like god because when i a lot of
their v_c_r_ about it as it is like this international crazy that have been
selected to trying to get their i’ve sensitive yes it is that there there
might be five or six people were maybe there is but was always a lot of us here at is like
no other people do it if you really i wonder why respect anderson crowded lake they got out of rwanda very few people
yeah this probably a lot of eyes towards haven’t and also for the one you know but there’s a good reason for that it’s
probably not the right way to go to put that no one people talk about the right
to go to work on me why the question is why not identified
you light up but threatens the and how one of the
guys did a lot of thought to it you know like location did you black appreciated dot blue-black maybe a
little scary but dark blue that’s a little easier on the a notebook termite aren’t so at all like you guys that question when
a answers so far are you


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