WHY Are Q Tips Bad For Your Ears? (And Why You Should NEVER USE THEM)

Q-tips are like Post It Notes. We can’t imagine a world without them, but
are they really good to use? The answer is simple, but requires a metaphor. When you wax your car, you do this so that
the next time it rains, your car’s delicate paint job is protected. The body makes ear wax for the same reason. Our ear canals are lined with wax to waterproof
the canal so that the next time it “rains,” i.e. we take a shower, or go swimming in the
ocean, the water doesn’t get stuck in the canal. That water would become rancid and likely
attract a host of nasty bacteria, causing an ear-infection, or worse. Sure, those little domed cotton sticks look
like the perfect thing to clean water out of your ears after a long shower, or wax build
up that can be visible and unsightly, but Q-tips weren’t engineered with the overall
health of the body in mind. Wax is also naturally acidic, preventing bacteria
from growing in your ears. It’s naturally antibiotic. Many people also push in the Q-tip too far
and cause damage to the very delicate eardrum that allows you to hear. If the wax (or water after showering) becomes
too bothersome, you can simply towel off the outside of your ears, or use ear-candling. This allows the natural wax coating to remain
in the ears. As for Q-tips – leave those for cleaning
the interior of your car after a car wash. They weren’t meant for human ears. If you liked this video, please share it with
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