Why do ears pop?

(playful music) – [Narrator] Hallux’s Hearing Helpdesk. (phone ringing) – Aha, I’ve got a call! Ahem, Hallux’s Hearing Helpdesk! – [Kid] Hi Professor Hallux. Why do my ears pop when I go in a plane? – If you’ve been lucky
enough to go on a plane, you’ll know that when
you’re taking off or landing sometimes your ears can feel rather funny. Your hearing might become muffled and you might even get
a pain inside your ears. Fortunately once you’re up in the air your ears tend to pop and
everything returns to normal. So what’s happening? Your middle ear contains trapped air. As you go higher, air
around you gets lighter, or as we say, it’s at a lower pressure. The trapped air is heavier,
or at a higher pressure. This trapped air pushes
against your eardrum and can change the way things sound. It can also cause your ear to hurt. You can often get rid of the pressure by swallowing or yawning. This moves air up and
down in a little canal called the Eustachian tube that runs between the
middle ear and the throat. This helps change the pressure in your ear to match the air around you. Sometimes you can get a similar feeling when you’re swimming. The pressure of the water
against your eardrum can cause things to sound muffled. Usually once the water leaves,
things go back to normal. However, sometimes it can take a while! Always check with a doctor
if you have muffled hearing or if your ears hurt and cannot pop because you could have an ear infection. Time for me to give my ears a pop! – [Narrator] Hallux’s Hearing Helpdesk. with support from Phonak. Find out more at funkidslive.com/hallux.

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