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From who made the first roller coaster to
why baby kangaroos are called Joeys, we answer several of your most burning questions about
life. – I’m Danger Dolan and I’ll be reading
out the questions and answers. – *
– And I am Nixxiom, bask in my greatness for I am here to lead you from ignorance into
the light of truth. – *
– You stole my job, you bloody… dead person. – You already have a job. You’re going to fix my wagon. Here’s a coin for your troubles. Get to it. – I’m gonna go ahead and not do that. Just a heads up. Coldkids04 Gaming – What’s the difference
between a wolf and coyote? – A wolf is a proud, strong and ferocious
creature. Only the greatest of warriors can ride into
battle on the back of great wolf. I know I have. – What about Coyotes? – Ha! Now I’ve never heard of a warrior riding
a coyote. They’re far too small. But maybe… Maybe they could pull my chariot! – Yeah that’s great. But here’s a thought. Why not get a car? You know – a horseless carriage. – Never! There’s no adventure in being ferried around
on a haunted carriage by a spectre. – * It’s a CAR, dingus! You don’t know anything… Typically, Coyotes are smaller than wolves
and tend to have bushier tails but they also behave differently. Wolves are pack hunters and prey on sheep,
goats and deer. Whereas Coyotes often hunt in pairs and prey
on smaller animals like rabbits and mice. Coyotes also tend to be more shy around humans
and are far less likely to attack than wolves are. RayquazaGrajales – Who made the first roller
coaster? – A coaster!? That rolls!? What kind of useless invention is that? When I put my flagon down I don’t want the
coaster to be doing any rolling! It will spill my mead. – A roller coaster is something you ride on,
for fun. – *
– This world is truly strange. Call me old fashioned but I’ll stick with
a horse. The origins of Roller Coasters can be found
as far back as 17th century Russia, where great ice slides were enjoyed by thrill seeking
aristocrats. Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia, would
later commission a slide with wheeled carts for her residence. After much time and evolution the first commercially
successful roller coaster would open in 1884 at Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York. It was built and patented by LaMarcus Adna
Thompson, who is now considered the father of the roller coaster. – *
– I have to say Dolan, you were right about these rolling coasters. They are fun!
– * xUnkownPredz – What is the strongest animal
and what is the weakest? – Well now as you all know there’s no being
stronger than I, and I have been called an animal on a number of occasions – heh heh. – *
– But the weakest animal has to be the Jellyfish. I’ve never seen them lift a thing! – They don’t have bones, buddy. – No excuse. – *
– LAZY! If we are talking about proportional strength,
then the world’s strongest animal is the Dung Beetle, being able to pull roughly 1,141
times their own body weight. The weakest is a little harder to identify. Humans, in proportion to their size, are considered
one of the weakest. The average untrained man will struggle to
lift even his own body weight. MCPEgamerRedstone – Where do car names come
from? – Names have power and so when it comes to
naming your horseless carriage you must think carefully. That’s why I named my chariot: The Bringer
of Destruction. – *
– You’re not meant to bring destruction to yourself, you stupid cart! The way in which cars are named will vary
between companies. Take Toyota for example, their vehicle names
will often be a reference to crowns, royalty, mythology and architecture. Marketing and design teams work to produce
a pool of potential names and eventually isolate the ideal one. On the other hand, companies like BMW tend
to name their vehicles by series number. ShimasBiggestFan – Why does sugar make you
jumpy? – *
– Sugar comes from lightning slugs, their slime being electrified. Once it’s refined, you get sugar crystals,
but if you can’t wait for that you can just help yourself to a nice helping of slug slime. Care to try some, Dolan? – *
– Nah, I think I’ll pass. Watching my weight and all that… – Understandable, you are looking doughy. – *
– Mmmmm! – * While eating large amounts of sugar does have
negative health effects, studies have found that it does not cause hyperactivity. Being shaky after consuming sugar could be
a symptom of hypoglycemia. The body will release additional adrenaline
into the bloodstream to protect against hypoglycemia which can cause shakiness and increase anxiety. Kiki Fox – How did humans learn to write and
speak? – It was my people, the elves, that first
taught humans how to write and speak. It wasn’t long after the humans MASSACRED
my people and DESECRATED the ancient culture we had worked so hard to build. – What? Why would they do that? – Because we made the dire mistake of teaching
them about being offended by things. They didn’t like that we taught them about
how to be offended, so they got offended and attacked. Unfortunately I wasn’t there to stop them. So nowadays, if I offend anyone, I just kill
them. – You kill them? – I kill them 🙂 Huh. The exact origins of human language are still
in debate but evidence suggests that thanks to the shape of our mouth, tongue and throat
humans were able to develop a more advanced way of communicating with each other compared
to other hominids. Written language later began as a way to record
events using images, eventually becoming symbols that represented the sound of speech. Why do eyes twitch crazily? – That means an ENEMY is nearby. Watch your back. All it takes is a moment’s hesitation and
*stabbing noise* you’re DEAD, Dolan. – I don’t wanna be dead. – Suck it up! You had plenty of time to react. Ugh. Would you just fall over and die, already? – Oh, bugger off. Eyes twitching generally mean you’re stressed
or tired. Phones, tablets and computer screens can also
trigger it. Your eye muscles are spasming because of strain,
so stop looking at screen, stop drinking coffee and get some sleep. Just get off the internet for five minutes. You’ll be fine. jacob richardson – Can you teach a blind person
colors? – When one sense diminishes, the others increase! With enough practice you’ll be able to smell
speech and hear time. – What?! – Allow me to demonstrate. – *
– The time is… 2:15! – *
– Oh wow. How did you know? – Told you, it just takes patience to learn. – Very impressive. If a person has been blind since birth, it
will not be possible for them to perceive colours. You could however, teach them to associate
the name of each colour with certain stimuli, such as red and orange for heat or warmth. The name could also be associated with an
emotional state, blue being calming for example. Melody Sky – What would happen if every animal
on the planet was a herbivore? – Now I know what you’re thinking. “Oh Nixxiom’s an elf, he doesn’t eat
meat”. That is a lie spread by goblins! We elves care for our forests so much that
we only eat meat. It would be better if the entire cosmos were
carnivores. That way, no harm would come to any plants
or our trees, our beautiful – beautiful trees. – *
– * – I told ya them Elves were weird. – * With no predators the herbivore population
would boom, this could be a problem when it comes to food sources and without predators
to devour other animals, wildlife would have to decay naturally after dying. After enough time has passed, it’s possible
that the remaining creatures may have adapted to this new vegetarian world. – *
– Oh hey, apples. That’s free lunch. – *
– Keep your hands to yourself, apple snatcher. – * Devin bostick cunningham – Why is a baby kangaroo
called a joey? Funnily enough, it’s not just baby Kangas. We call baby koalas, possums, dingoes & snakes
joeys in Straya. Hell, pretty much every marsupial is a joey. Even baby humans, they’re all joeys until
they’re about, like, 7? Then we give them a real name. – Ha-ha! That’s a good one, Dolan. – What do you mean? – Come on, what’s the real answer? You surely can’t call them all Joey. That’s ridiculous. – It’s the truth. – … This… Land of Austin-aralsia sounds like a bizarre
place. – You’d like it, plenty of dangerous beasties
for you to fight. Big ol’ spiders too. – You don’t say? – *
– Make haste my tiny friends! Glory awaits us, in the mystical land of… Australia. Heeyah! – *
– Someone should probably tell him that Australia isn’t on Planet Dolan. Eh – whatever he’ll figure it out.


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