Why Do We Do AARTI ? – Open your Inner Ears and Inner Eyes I Karmicbuzz

now must’ve beautiful people of this
world today I’m going to explain you how Aarthi which is used in Gurudwaras by
the Sikhs and the temples by the Hindus and the light the candle that is used
all over by so many people in different religions is actually referring to
keeping her attention at the Third Eye Center for explaining the meaning of
Aarti have taken the Aarti song from Sikhism it goes like this
“Gagan Mein Thaal Rav Chand Deepak Bane” “Taar ka mandal janak moti ” what
does this mean my friends that means the thali or the platter is a symbolism of
the sky the dia or the candle is symbolism of the Sun and the moon and
these pearls that are kept in Vitaliy in the platter are symbolism of the
stars ” Dhoop Maleanlo Pavan Chavro Kare” which means that is dhoop that
so many people actually use is just referring to is a symbolic of the
fragrance that the wind propels “sagal banrae phoolanth Jyothi” which means
that the flowers in the platter are actually the symbolism of the forests in
our world “Kaisi aarti hoe bhav khandna teri aarti” which means that this whole of
the creation the Sun the Moon the Stars the forest is just an expression of you
my god together all of them are singing your aarti, together
all of them are dancing in your expression this whole creation is
dancing in the love of God in every species and everything of this creation
is the creator and in the last line here it says ” Anhad shabad vajant behree” which is a very beautiful line i love this , it means that the
celestial music it’s resounding day and night my friend as Rumi also said open
your inner eye and your inner ears and listen to that sound inside which cannot
be heard with these physical ears this whole of aarti, the whole of creation
is just being do you remember when you must have heard a lot of motivators
saying just be what does that mean this whole creation the Sun the Moon the star
the world the Foy’s they’re just being they’re just expressing themselves when
you just be that is where the magic happens and adds within so without as
above so below my friend just open your inner eyes and open your inner ears and
you will witness that everything is inside of you namaste


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