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the important thing to remember about
eye spasms is that the vast majority of them are benign meaning they’re not
related to any severe health condition but today I’ll share what can cause eye
spasms and how to treat that you’re eye twitch can be a sign of stress it’s
hard to consciously reduce stress in your life but we recommend taking time
to physically and mentally relax a lack of sleep can trigger your eyelid to
twitch as well try sticking to sleep schedule that allows you to catch more
Zs another common cause of your eye spasm is your time in front of
electronic screens the long durations you spend in front of your computer or
on your tablet can cause the eye muscles to be strained and result in a twitch
many experts believe that too much caffeine and/or alcohol can trigger eye
twitching if you’re drinking more caffeine or alcohol than usual track coming back to see if it helps if
your eyelid twitching is persistent and very annoying you should have an eye
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