Why Does My Toddler Keep Getting Ear Infections?

Why does my toddler keep getting ear infections?
It’s frustrating. The pain from the ear ache is probably worse
than the fever for her. We get antibiotics and treat it, and then
she gets another one in a month or so. It might be an aggressive ear infection or
an inner ear infection, which the antibiotics just are getting. We don’t think that’s it. She may simply have small ear tubes. There’s
poor drainage in a warm orifice prone to infection by bacteria. I’ve heard of kids having surgery to put
tubes in their ears, but I don’t want her to have surgery. First, it’s common. Second, it isn’t as
dangerous as ear infections that won’t go away. I don’t think ear infections can kill you. They can render a child hearing impaired.
They interfere with her hearing while she’s learning language, and that takes years to
make up for. What if we stopped the mucus or congestion? If she has allergies, a prescription or over
the counter anti-histamines might work. Or get rid of the allergen. That might not be possible. We don’t even
know what it might be. Allergy tests are hard to conduct at this
age except food based ones. If they try a new food and get the super-poops later, it
is either food poisoning or allergies. What else could we do? Replace your AC and house air filters, then
install several smaller air filters throughout the house. You’re assuming it is an airborne allergen. Mold, dust, dust mites, pollen – lots of
stuff to stuff up her nose and eventually her ears. Even if that isn’t the allergen,
the rest of the family will breathe better. Or we could get better antibiotics. Or verify that the doctor is actually giving
her antibiotics to clear it up, because some pediatricians are too lax on the wait and
see attitude. At which point, we’re seeing another doctor. I hear you loud and clear. Now you need to
do what it takes to make sure your daughter can, too.

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