WHY WAS THAT IN HER EAR? Shocking findings at the Japanese Ear Spa

Okay now world debut of the inside of your ears Maya Fennec are you ready for this live gig? I guess so? Oooh yes. So good… Hey guys it’s Cathy Cat and today I brought friends from Sweden. Hey Maya Fennec!
– And Endigo. That cool guy from Sweden?
– Yeeees. Okay let’s do it. Let’s go.
– Let’s go. Where are we going? We’re gonna do our reactions on the side, … Let’s see how her ears look… Now world’s debut of the inside of your ears Maya Fennic. Are you ready for this live gig? I guess so? Oh my god… There we go… oooh. It’s not as bad as mine, but it’s still bad and your hair is way longer. Well, you know what Endigo, you tried to blame Maya for the big thing that you had in your ears But it doesn’t look like it’s coming from her. No! But… I like… No excuses. The way I never clean my ears. But you do and you’re still kind of bad… I haven’t been able to clean them after I had the ear infection. Because they told me not to put anything in my ears. Until it’s healed now. Looks like it healed ok. Yeah, well done. There is a little bit… deeper inside it’s darker. This dark thing is because she pushed a cotton stick too deeply into her ears… Oh that feels interesting…
– Yeah… First you’re using a lotion. First of all there is gonna be a lotion that you’re gonna get for your ears. Yeah, oh this feels good… It’s weirdly…. it feels really good. Aaaah. We are gonna get demonetized again. Your ear hairs are longer than the ones of Endigo. Yeah way longer. The hairs in her ear are different from Japanese people’s and white. That’s why they are hard to spot. Is the hair of Japanese customer’s longer or shorter? There are different lengths. But color wise, Japanese people have black hairs inside. So things look a bit more overgrown inside the ears. You know what I mean? That’s why you need to cut the hair or it’s hard to see inside. Foreigners hairs are generally white-ish inside the ears… like blonde inside. Even when cutting these hairs, they are hard to see. How does it feel to have the scissors in your ear in a kind of safe way? Interesting, like I’m a big fan of…. Oh my god… Go on. You were saying something? It feels so good. Are you were used to…?
– Oh yeah, used to what? What were you saying? You were saying something. We are listening.
– I am a big fan of ….. Oooooh
– You’re a big fan of WHAT? It’s so good. I am very sensitive to ASMR… And anything that has to do with your ears …. Sensitive ears?
– Yes. Oh yeeees… This is so good. It feels so good. That bud is specially angled so can reach that… on the roof of her ears. Director: The areas that are red, is that an allergy? The areas where the ear wax is sticking on strongly… are a bit inflamed. I can also see her blood vessels standing out. Her skin is really thin. If she cleans her ears too much, they will easily get red or they might even bleed, which makes it easier for bacteria to enter. How often do you usually clean it? I don’t know maybe once a week or something. Well but he also does it too little. She also said, don’t do it like Endigo. I needed you guys to get a vial video. Whoo hooo. Oh baby. Find a balance. How often do your recommend for people to clean their ears? Rather than cleaning the ears, the areas where the hairs are going should be cleaned. Just the entrance area, not the deep end. The things from deep inside will come out to the front later. When they come to the front, then you can catch them. That’s how your ears will get clean. She and some others, clean too deep inside their ears. She did it too deep inside, where the skin is thinner and caused damage to her skin. Look how pretty that’s become. That’s the prettiest ear I’ve seen so far. Hehehe, thank you. Better than mine… Let’s see if it’s different in that ear… OH MY GAAAAAAAAH Didn’t you say you hear less on your left ear? I did. What is that?! Even though you clean regularly you missed that part… your little friend there. I guess so! Oh Maya! Uuuurgh. Oh man. I did clean but I tried not to poke it too far in… Oh sorry… Oh my gawd. That’s bad Maya. That’s deep. Well guys you got that in common now. Uuuuuurgh. Oh my gawd… That’s deep… that’s deep in like… I think I am afraid to… The staff is taking pictures behind you right now of the screen. You probably need professional cleaning to get that one out now. – Yes. Yeah, I think a normal person… I wouldn’t know how to… Wouldn’t normal people have troubles getting this out, since it’s in so deep? Well normal people can’t see into their eyes, so they won’t know what’s in there. She must have felt that there is something in there. We were wondering if that’s the reason why her left ear isn’t hearing well. That COULD be a reason. Uuuuh. WAAAAAAAAA Whoa I can’t watch. I can’t… It’s rolling around in her ear. Oh goood. This is really embarrassing. That’s the worst.
– Can’t unsee that now. Maya you look so cute. You had a dark secret inside of you all the time… I don’t know. It’s my darkest secret. Maya appears maybe cute but my insides…are horrible. I always get compliments for the inside of my ear… when I went to the ear doctor two weeks ago. I was three weeks ago. They looked inside my ears and said that they looked really nice They lied.
– They’ll have lower standards Yeah One of those days, we want you to clean the director’s ears. For two 200,000, you should do a director EAR reveal. Yeah EAR REVEAL! You’re gonna reveal the director’s NOT face, his ear. We are gonna reveal the director’s…. EAR! It’s clean now. Yay that’s good. What do you feel now Maya? Good. That was good. Feels good. This is what we got out. A little bit less than Endigo though.
– Yes. You guys can’t see this… but the director of Ask Japanese… has had this funny his smile on his face since we started doing this… Hehehe sorry. So Cathy has this been your favorite video to film so far this year? I think we had the highs and the lows. It’s pretty good. We’ve done actually one where we went to Wakayama. So that was awesome as well because we can actually like go to a castle and like experience other things and then get the treatment. So it’s like after a really long day. That was really nice. Actually. I think we have a video up about that so. You should check it out How was the massage? Happy…. Maya: *Swedish* Suddenly not English anymore… Oh… She said, what does she think my occupation this? – Oh Is she using her whole body? The whole body? She uses her whole body. Do you move your body a lot? Not much? But her body is really stiff. Her ears say that. I sleep a lot. She said she is sleeping a lot. What?
– Seems like she is. Enough of sleep.
– What do you do then? You’re ready for … My god Finish. Finished.
– Thank you. Thank you so much. How do you feel Maya? Like a new person. Maya it was quite exciting to what you enjoy yourself. Why? What? You’re welcome… How was that? That was wonderful. I feel still… I feel… I can’t speak… Do you need to take over for her a little bit. Well Cathy cat how did you enjoy that? I did enjoy watching that A LOT. We found that darkness in the ear, in which she didn’t hear so well, how does it you feel now? It feels like it’s it’s breathing. Good. How did you like her ears? Her expressions were great. I had fun. Sorry hehehe. Guys so that was our ear cleaning video. We had lots of fun. I hope you did. If you did, don’t forget to leave a like also we’re gonna put links into the ear spas so if you want to enjoy that yourself when you come to Japan do it and Also, those two channels of those guys are down there in the box below as well Don’t forget to find their channels check out what they’re doing And also if you’re new to your channel, don’t forget to subscribe and share with friends! So I catch you soon guys. Bye Bye Bye! You


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