Why you should NOT use Visine and Cleareyes by Dr. Travis Zigler

Hey there, Dr. Travis Zigler here from Eye
Love. um, We’ve been getting a lot of activity on
our blog in our website lately regarding Visine and Cleareyes and our articles about why you
should not use something like Visine and Cleareyes has been getting a lot of attraction. So, I wanted to do a quick video on it. Um, the reason that you don’t want to take Visine
or Cleareyes, it has a substance in it called “tetrahydrozoline”. Hydrozoline, what that does is it’s a vasoconstrictor. A vasoconstrictor just is a fancy word for
making the blood vessels smaller, and so, the blood vessels of your eye when they are dilated
or big, they’re going to look redder, or more red, and when they look more red there’s
a reason for that problem. It could be allergies. It could be dry eyes. It could be any number of things, pink eye,
viral infection, bacterial conjunctivitis, a bacterial infection. It can be any of those things. So, finding the problem, the root cause of
that, is the key thing and Visine doesn’t even get close to finding the cause, it just
makes the blood vessels shrink. What happens is, if you start getting reliant
on Visine, your constantly putting the drug in to shrink your blood vessels. What that’s going to do eventually is, it’s
going to make you rely on that medication and so you’re going to start taking it once
a day, and then you’re going to start taking it twice a day, and you’re going to start
taking it 3x a day, four, etc. You’re going to start taking it more, more,
and more. You’re going to make the problem worse by
taking it more times a day. The reason this happens is something called
rebound, the rebound effect. So when you take it your blood vessels get
reliant on it and then it expands a lot bigger. Then you take it again, and then it expands
a lot bigger again. It just constantly goes through this cycle,
so finding the cause of the problem is the best treatment and that’s just seeing an
eye care practitioner, going by symptoms, and having them take a look at your eyes. Most likely the common cause, the most common
cause, is usually dry eye and that’s a pretty easy fix. We’ve done many articles and videos on that
and you can read more on the blog as well. Let me know if you have any questions about
that on why not to use Visine or Cleareyes or any of those and I’ll talk to you in
the community.


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