Will A Child ‘Grow Out’ Of Chronic Ear Infections?

A 2 year old came in yesterday with their parents. Constant ear infections their ENTIRE life. Entire life. Endless medications, multiple surgeries, Even surgeries that they got talked into that they didn’t want to do! Patient values are so so important. So they came in with no hope. They came in with no explanation that makes sense. They were told two things: 1. that their child would ‘grow out’ of it, the ear infections that they’ve had for 2 years. and 2 the reason that they were there was because the tubes, the inner ear tube, is horizontal and so fluid can’t drain. How many kids are born with horizontal ear tubes? Every single one! Right? So if that was the case, every single kid ever born would have chronic ear infections. That’s not the case. That’s not the truth. So we started digging in a little bit more And really mom started asking and sharing what her thoughts were. And she was questioning, “Will my child ever be healthy?” Man! “There’s something wrong! I know there’s something wrong!” “It doesn’t make sense that when my child’s immune system isn’t working NOW how it could work when they’re older.” “So how can they grow out of it?” And honestly, it made her feel crazy. As I imagine it makes a lot of our parents feel crazy. It made her feel like a bad mom. So she started crying. Physically crying in our office! Because she knew there was something wrong and she wasn’t getting an answer. And she had been talked into surgeries And to compromise her values because she didn’t know what was going on. So what is her child’s health worth to her? It’s priceless. It’s worth everything, right? She just wants her child to be healthy and she feels responsible Which she is not responsible for her child’s health as far as how it’s going. She’s an awesome mom! She’s doing everything that she possibly can. She’s making every choice that she possibly knows is the best choice at that time. So when we started explaining things to her, Her mind was blown. She started crying because of all of this frustration that she’d had. So when a child’s ear, nose, throat drainage system is unplugged from the brain it’s disconnected. It’s hanging on by a thread. from the brain. How can it possibly work properly? The brain doesn’t have control over it anymore. Right? So how can that make…? I mean, you can do surgeries, you can do medications, you can change diets and you might see a little bit of a shift but if it’s disconnected…how healthy is your child? Ask that question. Answer it truthfully. If this sounds familiar We want to walk you thru this. Message us! Share this video. If it’s helpful, please share this video. More parents need to know about this stuff. What happens when we plug that brain back into that immune system? back into that ear, nose, throat drainage system? When we plug the brain back into that how healthy is your child? Pretty easy answer, right? …So explaining how we plug that system back in and how we even measure how unplugged it is. Ok? We will give you a recommendation no matter what the case is. Whether it is plugged in or not plugged in. But we just want you to understand what in the world is going on with your child. So you don’t feel crazy. Cuz you’re not! If you know there’s a reason that something’s going on, You know something is wrong, there probably is. Mom intuition is AMAZING. So that you, parents, can get answers. We’ll see you guys soon!

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