Woman Becomes First Human With Eye Worms

Abbey Beckley has become the first known human
to have an infestation of worms in her eye. This particular species of worm infests the
eyes of cattle. So how is it possible that they found their
way into the eye of a human? I’m going to fill you in here on IO. Welcome back to inform overload where we overload
you with disgusting information. And occasionally trending news. Just kidding. I’m charlotte and I’m your host. 26 year old Abbey Beckley is from Oregon. In August of 2016, she was out on a fishing
boat in Alaska, when she felt something irritating her under eyelid. At first, she thought it was an eyelash, but
when she took a closer look in the mirror, the skin on the inside of her heyelid was
enflamed. Then she saw it. A wiggling worm. She proceeded to pull it out, and it was about
half an inch. It died within about 5 seconds In her hand. Over the next 20 days, she experienced migranes
and her left eye began to droop. abbey pulled out no less than 14 worms from
her eye. The really lame thing is, she was on a fishing
boat in the middle of nowhere, she had to wait 5 days before she could get on land to
see a doctor. Once she did manage to get to a hospital,
doctors didnt believe her. Several doctors examined her eye, and in about
half an hour, a worm made an appearance. They had no idea what they were dealing with. They had never seen anything like it. She was transferred to an eye specialist in
Portland, who took some samples. The US Center for disease control and prevention
had to look in a book of creatures from 1928 to figure out what they were. The parasites that were in abbeys eye were
parasites that are found in the eyes of cattle. They are spread by those flies that you always
see buzzing around farm animals. The worms feed off the actual eye lubrication. Right before her fishing trip, abbey was horseback
riding in Oregon. That’s when her eye started feeling irritated. The really messed up thing is, the worms could
really do some damage. What if they got into Abbys brain or cause
her to go blind. The only thing that she could do, was to keep
taking the worms out of her eye one by one until they were gone. I am happy to report that 2 years have gone
by and she’s totally fine. She suffered no complications and her eyesight
is great. And shes also become the first person to have
this happen to her so now if anyone else gets eye worms, they will have a lot easier time
dealing with it. In a previous video I asked you guys an animal
you couldn’t imagine the world without. Here were some of your responses. Really Rodents – I cant live without bees
nothn can really. Very true, but the world population of bees
is really declining, it’s a bit scary to be honest. Timothty Boyette – I do not think we could
live without the cow. The cow poop makes fertilizer and without
fertilizer we wouldn’t be able to exist as potatoes. Go cows. Actually cows and their toxic farts are on
eof the leading contributers of greenhouse gasses. It would be tough to live without steak though James bennet Mcnulty – Im worried that potatoes
OF THE UNIVERSE. PLLLLEEEAAAAASE CAN I BE IN A VIDEO. NO. Ok fine The video is over! For a link to the comments from this video,
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