Worms Found In Woman’s Eyes – First-Ever Case

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as well so lets not waste any time here and lets get right into it. First up we have 28 yr old Abbey Beckley from
Oregon who has been all over the news for becoming the first ever human to have eye
worms. No human in history has ever had an infestation of tiny worms in there eyes. The
only animals in documented history to have worms in its eyes is cattle. I would be freaking
out if this happened to me I would try and rip my eye out I would be so grossed out.
Well back in 2016 Abbey worked on a commercial fishing boat in Alaska when she felt something
behind her eyelid two weeks into her trip. Abbey thought it was an eye lash so she tried
to dig it out. When she got to shore she discovered her skin was inflamed and their was worms
wiggling inside of her eye. She want to an eye doctor right away. The doctor had no idea
what it was but he was able to pull out some of the worms. Abbey was transferred to an
eye specialist in Portland who send off samples to the US centers for disease control and
prevention and they concluding that she contracted Thelazia Gulosa a parasite never seen in humans
before. In total 14 worms were taken out of her eyes that was half an inch long they were
translucent and they were slowly taken out over a period of 20 days. I am not sure why
doctors wouldn’t just pull them out all at once. From there I have a very sad story about two
sisters who jumped to their deaths. Police are investigating the tragic death of these
two Russian sisters. This right here is 12 yr old Maria Vinogradova and her half sister
15 yr old Anatasia. Both of them jumped from a 10th storey rooftop onto a pavement below.
Police and investigators believe the Blue Whale Suicide Game is to blame for this death.
This is a very sick game that is claimed to exist in several countries and it began back
in 2016. The game reportedly consists of a series of tasks assigned to players by administrators
over a 50-day period with the final challenge requiring the player to commit suicide. Is
this real life right now. I am so pissed off that something like this even exists. Also there is another dangerous challenge
going around right now. And please don’t even attempt this or any other social media
challenges that could cause harm in any way. Its really not worth it. Well there is a new
dangerous snapchat challenge where kids are hanging off motorway bridges. Inspector Jim
Jones took it to twitter to say this. Officers tonight have attended several incidents of
people hanging off motorway bridges. Those spoken to claim it’s a snapchat challenge
to post pictures leaning over bridges. How irresponsible can you get. Please help nip
this in the bud and Retweet. People have been seen hanging of bridges as well. This is one
of the most ridiculous thing ive ever seen. I have a few updates on the Florida shooting.
In the aftermath of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Highschool mass shooting golden retrievers
have been deployed to the scene of the crime to try and distract people from the tragedy
that took place. These dogs are fully trained in the art of empathy. They offer comfort
and compassion to all those affected by the high school mass shooting that is now considered
as the 8th most deadliest mass shooting in contemporary US history. Also because of this school shooting their
was a bill propsed that will allow teachers to carry guns in schools. So if a student
becomes a mass shooter a teacher will have a gun on them to shoot the student. I am not
sure if this is the best way to solve this issue. There has been many talks about gun
control this would for sure be going in the opposite direction what do you guys think.
How nerve racking would it be knowing your teacher has a gun in there drawer. I would
for sure never talk back to the teacher. I think in the news would be teachers shooting
their students. A parent made a statement about this new proposed gun law. They said,
our children are sitting ducks in a gun- free schools and as the parent of three public
school students I believe we must act now in order to prevent another tragedy. This
was also said. They wanted to know what we can do to prevent that in Alabama. More gun
control will not stop someone who is intent upom inflicting harm in our schools but someone
who is properly tained and armed with the right equipment certainly can. Is this what
the world has become where teachers have to become police officers now and law down the
laws in public schools. This is suppose to be a very safe environment, and place to learn
and become the person you want to be in life. This isn’t suppose to be a war zone, or
a place that you could die at. I hate talking about this kid but I have more
updates on the mass shooter Nikolas. A former friend and classmate of his said he would
often abuse his girlfriend. He would hit her, threaten her and even threaten her family
for talking to other guys. and even talked about killing his friends parents. He would
also talk about how he sympathized with Syrian terrorists and that people who opposed them
should be killed. Ok enough with all that lets move on. Elon
Musk who seems to be one of the most talked about person right now. Well he was just given
a permit to build a Hyperloop from Washington State to New York. Elon Musk who just blasted
a car into space has been talking about a high-speed transportation system. His Boring
Company will be the one that worked on the hyperloop. In these hyperloop you will be
traveling in pods and it will take just 29 minutes to get from Washington State to New
York. Driving this would take over 42 hours. On a place it would take about 6 hours but
Elon claims he can do this trip in under 30 minutes. This is as close to teleportation
you can go. Honestly with this guy I think anything is possible.
Moving onto another really big scary story, about a british couple who has been kidnapped
by ISIS during a south African holiday. Well I would be talking about this right now if
I had all the information but for some reason when I found this stories it had all the information
but when I went to script this story a few hours later this happened. This Is from the
mirror.co.uk. it said sorry we cant find the page you requested. Daily Star says this.
404 page not found. And on the Sun it has this. It’s a huge icecream cone and it sayd
we cant seem to find what you’re looking for. Try our search below or return to our
homepage. I am going to follow up with this story and see what happens. Really confusing. Mitt Romney who ran against President Barack
Obama back during the 2012 election to become president has just announced he will be running
to become the US Senate. Well president Donald Trump took it to twitter to say this. @MittRomney
has announced he is running for the senate from the wonderful state of Utah. He will
make a great Senator and worthy State of Utah. He will make a great Senator and worthy successor
to Orrin Hatch and has my full support and endorsement. Mitt Romney replied back saying. Thank you
Mr. President for the support. I hope that over the course of the campaign I also earn
the support and endorsement of the people of Utah. This actually came as a surprise
because Donald Trump criticized, and moched Mitt Romney during his 2016 presidential campaign. Since we are talking about President Donald
Trump, lets talk about this. He has just challenged Oprah Winfrey to run for presidency in 2020.
Donald Trump tweeted out this. Just watched a very insecure Oprah Winfrey who at one point
I knew very well, interview a panel of people on 60 minutes. The questions were biased and
slanted the facts incorrect. Hope Oprah runs so she can be exposed and defeated just like
all of the others. I still think this is very odd that Donald Trump has a twitter account
where he likes to troll people. I honestly think Trump is afraid of Oprah running for
presidency so he is trying to get into her head that if she runs their will be all kinds
of things said about her weather they are true or not. I think Oprah Winfrey would win
the presidency very easily and it would be a record win. Not many seem to want president
trump to be re-elected. So who ever runs is probably going to win against him, and Oprah
Winfrey would be the perfect first ever woman president. I honest think Michelle Obama should
maybe give it a s hot as well. Let me ask you guys who do you think should run to become
the next American president. Let me know in the comment section below.

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