IM BACK IM BACK IM BACK tattletail Mom dad can i get a tattle tail for christmas? I dont like this gift daddy can you give me a furby instead? What’s wrong with Tattletail? Hun, he doesn’t like it Christmas present. Spoiled kid. This is the worst Christmas ever! (punch poor tattletail) (tattletail becomes evil) AAHHH! OW! (ded) Can I read what is going on now? WHAA!? (gets beat up by tattletail) #spookster2017 ITS ELI What’s up? What’s up FGTeevers. It’s Tattletail. Wait are they every teevers are they? ELI. Or are they sometimes No ELI FANS We’re playing a game. Called Tattletail. No Tattle le I don’t know what kind of language that is let’s see what kind of options do we have just before we start just in case Adjust the brightness we like Super and then we press L. Wait what , what happened. It didn’t do that to me when I started playing with my mom. So basically Tattletail is about little children Who don’t mind their own business like “Little Johnny told Susy that her lollipop was icky.” That’s Tattletail Five days before Christmas, December 20, 1998 That was the day I was born ,just kidding. Task:Open your Christmas present early. Here’s a little spoiler Spo I a ler alert that Tattletail is actually like a Furby But they don’t want to call it a toy Furby. Well, there’s only such things as toy Furbies a real Furby be ahh hideous.(Weird jumpscare) I’m tall! How’d you get up there? So they can’t use the word furby to call it tattletail, and I think they’re scary.(Another weird jumpscare) Let’s turn up. The volume super loud right yeah. Yeah, we have to be scared That’s what this game is all about just hold shift to run Careful it makes noise. Where are we going? No way don’t go down to the scariest part first what? Also, those were eyeball hello nice doorknob guy way can I (chase screaming) What!? what?, what’s that noise? press it Can I press can we prep kit open the door is that it? Is that a president? Where’s the Christmas present? Why is it? I just there was nothing under the tree it go in the basement Okay, mark Mart. Where are you? Mart don’t you pop up you’re doing all right? I’m gonna see more and bigger I knew you’re gonna be there mark. Thank God Did you guys see a little fur be around here somewhere? Could have sworn. I just saw it what well uh no time to talk gotta go exterminated fermi Gather get out of there! (shotgun shot) (reloading) Why is Martin bending like every game? We play? Well? What is that? Oh, you don’t watch the yellow icon at top right to see when you are making noise Lalala how thank you so much like what you gonna. Do you coming? Oh? I stay – nope. I wish you are. No way – lady. Why is it getting louder okay? I’m getting a little scared I’m getting scared – here. This is pointless. Why can’t I make noise? There’s nothing even down you this is my grandpa sit Grandpa Watch Endmill that’s like a thing that we have in our house And nobody uses that I bought for Christmas – one year because I thought everybody was going to use it But nobody use it. What was the point of this game? What are we doing? right Turns our project and your basement. What about this one. Oh, let’s go Isn’t a little tiny one forgotten one no no no no don’t do it double it. Oh Wait what? it’s a look it’s oil charity all a Talking tattletale wait, whoa, wait. Wait. Wait was it in the back do not open before Christmas I really eat presents for you smell like poo. Oh Hey, Love What you opened it? Now, mommy’s gonna be mad at us bro. It’s not even Christmas yet You really eats grab some food from the upStairs fridge. Why would you open the toy? Ask me his mom stuff I’ll uh you know what it is. All right so hold on you go upstairs Yeah, yeah, tree. Oh, we gotta feed him clean what oh Saturday hungry was approach Open oh, ho Okay, everything He hadn’t said disables. We fed him oh He wants client, hi Brushable hair used to brush in the living room to clean tattletale what? So he can say everything in our friend you pig. Why did I buy this guy’s wait? Do it brusha Brusha brusha hold it? Jack you look Freshly Sudeesh Task wrapped tattletale back up all right. We’re going I taught ya, we’re gonna put you sleepy cat Dolly so it girl yeah What bye? Do we not want to make noise Kazar cuz our parents? Yeah, he’s Gonna get is Wow, play ball back-to-back. Hey, you’re going in there. I’m holding the death. Haha. We closed your present hold it aunt I’ve only five years old and I know how to wrap present. I got at this task go to bed Where’s my bed at I’m going to bill why can’t I make noise or mom and Dad gonna find it? Yeah? this is my what Georgia don’t answer the phone I want to Hey, hey, Dad. I know you still at work Dad Dad oh my goodness – got you at home What was the point of that it told us – oh this is my bed. Yeah hold notice thing okay? I’m going to sleepy Haha, we’re low adding look at that achievement unlocked hotel. That’s me taste that tip oh four days before Christmas I answered the phone nothing happened is this nice hon again? Oh my goodness. Why can’t I just wake up in the daytime? Investigate the clinking noise. Oh, oh, maybe that’s our sister our sisters name is McKenna Or is it Jenna one of those she has a tattoo made out of Henna. Maybe she’s laid back you all oh Yeah, she’s dribbling. She’s a master dribbler. She just she never shoots the hoop. She’s tribbles is it louder well Once I know it Is that a washing machine? Yeah, like it’s loud outside where it’s very loud in here Right or is it downstairs? should go downstairs alright go downstairs it It’s not really getting a lot okay. It’s getting louder What’s this door? Nothing. It’s getting louder back here oh geez oh geez oh Geez oh this is where the presidents are Okay, it’s not loud in here oh Balls loud oh, it’s so loud All I couldn’t in is loud wait There’s something over here Another side of this wall oh geez oh geez oh It says the watchers need to turn off the washing machine collect the eggs. I want to collect egg Loose change Oh, I got some money ha ha Did you get believe in some quarters in your pocket when my my way my mama does a laundry? I am let’s do this boom Tattletale you’re in there me dizzy kiki Kiki. What’s his busy? Da-Da-Da-Da-Da, please charge Tattletale oh Sorry to die. Where is this charging station? Now don’t die don’t die don’t that where the charging station? Oh where the charging station a’s stewards the chosen. Oh? Judges hold it down. Oh geez why would a charging station be here. We didn’t if it’s not Christmas yet How did it get there charge me? Oh my? Oh, I like free time with you not Wish my mom wanted to stop in cheap and bought me a furby like I asked instead. She’s got me a title tail talk about the movie All right, oh, is that a vase says let’s have some fun find a base in the basement You broke it grab a flashlight. Oh, Martin left his flashlight. Thank you Martin. Whoo shake flashlight way What right click oh say you take this again you? Why do they all know okay? Yeah? It working is working now I can really see what’s the whole point a secret for who who’s in there what oh check out wait what? What okay wrap towel tow back up no problem? Ooh? Is that the dryer what kind of doofus would have a dryer so where oh you found an egg sweet job cheese? All right, peanut shells sweet we can feed it to our pet elephant dumbo tattletale wait some events and creatures make your flashlight. Go out Yeah, right, mama Larry What to say about our mama why do you say our mama was scary? Yeah, you go back in that box call my mama scary again watch what’s going to happen aye? That’s right oh
So go to bed again all geez mollies pepper squeeze for donut go to bed or go to bed Casteau bed or go to bed bed bed That has about to be completed about to be completed. I’m so hungry my stomach is depleted yet. Shake it shake it Shake it. Shake it. Don’t drink it. I’m going to my room now. Watching Hockey Nicky change my pajamas That’s a little weird. I hope I didn’t wake come on. Oh, and I’ll have it come on Peppa has appear This is awful. Not hot hole alright three days before Christmas Samba 22nd 1998 cash grab my flashlight. Why do I wake up at nighttime? I’m a sleepyhead I legit Elite 12 hours investigate the grinding noise sounds like dad’s working on the car again No, I think that’s mom a suite in the basement against which everything is in the base. Oh, oh okay, okay, Mommy I scare Mommy knock knock I’m knocking but my mommy not answering door mommy. I scared the streets grinding noises out he’ll Open door, please mommy. Go away. Jill. Yeah, go to bed wait Mommy I’m sleeping go call your father. Tell her come home tease my mommy So rude my mommy so mean to me. I’m going in the basement where it’s probably nice and safe down you all right There’s a crazy grinding noise. It’s taking meat. I still weak my pants are wet. Oh Eggy Call it. What’s this doll hair? Oh, I’m rich. I found a dollar oh Have to click 221 eggs Ain’t no way. I’m playing this for that long a dead beetle great. I’ll feed it to our dog road Crews down our dog rose anymore ha ha ha broken Cran Sweet I’ll feed it to hair. I’ll hope it’s the color purple. I like football quinn. Oh like lip boom lost earring Great now there’s a poor fish that’s lost. That Joke was a stretch Wait a minute. See you first night I See ah What is that thing your mom what what mom our mom? Yeah, our mom doesn’t look like that you But fingernail clippings. Oh cheese belief pepper squeeze turn her off As you can I stop hi hello load cassette in Mama, that’s mama. Yeah, why does our mama look different? Whoa? The children taught me that mama would never find them as long as she couldn’t see them like the story Turn the page Mama did not come near the children the pitter-Patter of their little feet, led Mama right to them Oh Jeez Page all right just stay here walk slowly backwards, oh gee That sounds creeps all right. We’re leaving. I’m no more bedtime stories for me. I’m probably going to One school tattletale are you up here? Oh? Tattle to you by yourself. Oh you bad boy Me Jacob You bad boy Dish chase you go back to bed bring towel tell to mama wait our mama our this mom Play where is Mama in here Mama Mama What oh? Please no, oh please no oh my goodness mama. God the thing walks toto everything walks Who jesus ting talks that Mama wast okay? Wait Mama walked? Oh gee she does like cooking Chinese food wait a minute Oh my goodness. Oh is this a walk No, that’s a grill all right quick mama will never know quickly put it back in the box Okay, yes, wrap it up and good as new clean up the house mess no Tofu Burgers no way count LJ poopies Where’s-where’s telltale, Poopy, oh? telltale bad boy He actually Mama makes a grinding noise when she’s nearby if you hear to stay quiet I Baguette Mama cause your flashlight get away Wait, what like get away from what? Mama only attacks when you make noise, okay, okay? Fine. I get annoyed. I just have to clean up this mess The case don’t me clean up mess. I’m cleaning it up. Yes. I cleaned it up, and yeah, bye. Bye. Why? Hello. Hello Stay quiet disgusting quite Yet, mama ah Mama good. Where’s my bed? Where’s my date? Where’s my bed? I want to rest my head. Where’s my bag. Where’s my bed? Where’s my balloon with man, please don’t get me please don’t give me. I don’t want to die It was okay. It’s gone. Haha my way coming with me Please wake up in the daytime please wake up at the daytime December 23rd 1998 two doors before Christmas do we do it. Oh, that’s a day I just I’m in transitional kindergarten, so I don’t know how it spoke way. Oh look that’s That’s me and our sister McKenna, Jenna. Oh look. There’s meaning you at the farm. Oh That’s awesome. A ninja Turtle car right there wait I’m 40 hey play time before tale Why would tattletale drink tea don’t investigate the chattering noise coming from outside? Oh, no, my mom doesn’t like when I go outside wait. What outside that door’s locked. Oh, no that outside I’m making noise. Oh no who left the door open mom, mom Mom get away junior mom. It’s me Jacob stick of a cheese get away, jake I told you don’t bother me, Ma please. It’s okay There’s something scarier in case your back your back oh geez not forget you my momma show me what’s out here You love me Were you hungry was outside? He red eyes look out. Oh, oh What okay? There’s nothing to catch grab cattle thibault who’s this one? I can only get this one Not this one. Oh man. Have you guys been having a pool party? the Buzzer say this grows Let’s play a game okay. How about we play the game? Wait, what what did I do no peeking we survived for 30 seconds wait, what white challenge? I was trying to hide know what’s happening. What do you mean? Okay? Just hey stay here. I’m hiding okay I’ll hiding can I crouch ah One family business to know what if I second no peeking survive for 30 seconds well towel pills friends Hi, you are just staying here What’s happening? You’re scaring me with the ha oh Is it 30 seconds ah oh Jesus? Joe’s friend is high upstairs finance have a care. What kind of riffraff. Oh you left all it’s not opiates an eGg okay, and Come on it Oh a dust bunny sweet I like those they’re not really good friends though because if you sneeze they disappear on you for some reason You and me are Gonna be best friends forever Bunny just party when you go that way alright, so let me see here. Ooh is that the hello neighbors switch I’m kidding fast. Oh, it’s a fest alone. Okay. Can I go inside this door? Oh? I thought that was mama’s one. I oh my gosh mama’s other eyeball got couch down wait. So there’s an upstairs where? Mom mom, it’s me. Jake color chase. I told you can’t scout a man oh, I’m so mean. Oh, this is upstairs This is upstair. That’s a bathroom. How do we get upstairs? Yeah I’m not giving you no treat. Oh Wait, I have to give him a treat. Oh hide freeze please okay, okay, okay, okay cause out Jet-set it. Okay groom it. Oh geez okay? Why I think tattletales on a date. We’re not cattle down Where oh? Oh, this is this is upstairs. What tag keeps you bound? She’s good. Eyes dude. I promise if you didn’t see that. I would legit be looking for a staircase to go upstairs Hide-And-seek touch the friend to start the game. I don’t want to play again Hold it. Okay. We’re playing hide-and-go-seek again. No pinkie survived for 30 seconds, okay, okay? Okay? Okay? Okay? Okay? Okay? Okay? Okay? Okay? Okay? Okay, let me hear okay. Fuck get down crops. I can’t grab oh gee Those eyes. Oh right for one minute ah what I’m not making cat oh ah oh Jeez the battery knows about you know. How we going to do this, so please go – oh? No, what does that mean? What does that mean? Any hungry tell Adele please please please I’ll bring you soup oh Stop it right now. They’re causing their bitch to come at it. I will rip you apart starting with you put your heart Okay, town is ready tidy, okay? Foo-Foo-Foo-foo I’m getting you food little telltale, please okay see Tattletale shush oh my God got the groom at this thing and show nene ha oh, what do you mean? Oh, okay? Okay? Okay? Okay, okay, okay, okay? Okay? This guy’s driving me back vodkas bananas watch me This time start going why did we ask Mom and dad for this toy okay? Jake quiet oh my Childhood friend is hiding upstairs. So this is called the upstairs that makes no sense mom Volatile chill in there, what are you talking about you peeking through Christmas present. I mean I mean Oh, shit. Chase is being a child tale. Where’s cattle cattle Little guy on the bed watch Paulito, okay. Hello. We don’t see egg behavior down yeah, I did I know Happening out here Coming after you. Oh, yeah Okay, I will Mama Okay, this tyler type for real oh Wow That was nice – oh, that’s gay bro at least two Dummies dummies reaction playing pretty good if we haven’t got jump here this whole time. I think we’re gonna end the video right here guys Thank you so much for watching we’re gonna make a part two right now. Yeah like right now though And we’ll check you guys later in the future and a little bit in the past hasn’t present of the past tense That’s good before don’t you dose before Christmas past you want get jumpscared again as the banana, okay? Hey, Ma Ba Come & get it. It’s back ah Can I get you I? Got section was watching this valve until these Barbie stops and boop’s pops to be simple to loops if everybody poops yeah Wrinkly that you got so scared your hands turn wrinkly. Yeah, I know look at me. I’m old oh Really? Oh another wall I? Got your face in then I braked it. I just died I’ll make it that mean no I just wanted to run let that no really help. I’ll just be here waiting in waiting Phil Carol How’s it going? You ain’t here – yeah, man, just I’m just waiting here. – yeah. Yeah, sorry, man, ya know whenever you


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