WWE Star John Cena Arm Wrestles Kid Genius Brielle

[APPLAUSE] What is this? Those are rainbow-swirled
vanilla flavored cupcakes. Rainbow-swirled vanilla
flavored cupcakes. Now did you bring
these out here just because you know I love
cupcakes and you’re going to try to
torture me so I have to look at them the whole time? You get to eat one. What? Yes. That’s OK? Eat as much as you would like. Do we try this? I would really like
a cupcake right now. Is this OK with you guys? Is it all right? [APPLAUSE] These are fantastic! [LAUGHTER] These are great. [APPLAUSE] I might just have to
try one of those myself. Yeah. Go for it. Now, while you’re
unwrapping that, you know the first time you were
on the show you were three. Yep. And now you have a little
brother who’s three, right? Almost three. He’s still two and a half. So he’s 2.5. Yes. And what is it like now
being the big sister? It is very fun being
able to tickle him. [LAUGHTER] And sometimes we
end up wrestling. I know a thing or
two about that. You end up wrestling? Yep. OK. I’m going to keep
this cupcake for me. I’m going to eat it, but I
have a challenge for you. OK. Ready? Well, I might save
my cupcake, too. Right now, you and I are
going to arm wrestle. All right. Oh, this is yours. Yep. All right. You can eat as many
as you want, though. OK. Now, you’re on this side. You’re on this side. If you lose, you go
into the cupcake. If I lose, I go
into the cupcake. No cheating. No cheating. One, two, three. No! Yeah! [APPLAUSE] [LAUGHTER] Well, at least you can eat it. I can. I can. My hand is now a rainbow
of sugary vanilla delight. Yes. [LAUGHTER] Now, you are filled
with amazing facts. And today you’re going
to give us some facts about the human body, right? Yes. All right, let’s
go talk about that. OK. So– Why, hello there, Mr. Bones. Mr. Bones is here. Now, let’s– Careful. Careful. That’s going through– that’s
a difficult spot there. OK. OK. [LAUGHTER] Tell me some things. Like, the stapes, where is it? The stapes is in the middle ear. Stapes. Stapes. I’m not a doctor, she is. The stapes– The stapes bone is the
smallest bone in the body and it is only 2.8
millimeters long. Probably about this big. Probably about that big. What about the hyoid? Hyoid bone would probably
be right over there. What does that do? It holds your tongue in place
and helps with tongue movement and swallowing. OK. What about the clavicle? The clavicle is right there. And of all the bones of
the body, of all the bones, that is the one that
people fracture the most. OK, you know what? And since you’re a wrestler– Yeah? –I was wondering If you
have fractured your clavicle? I have not, and
a common fracture in sports entertainment and WWE. But, I got one more. Tell me about the vertebrae. The vertebrae are back here. All those guys. Yeah? And there are five
sections of the vertebrae. And to remember them I
made up a song about it. Let’s hear the song. Would you like to hear it? Ready? And– (SINGING) Cervical, thoracic,
lumbar, sacrum, coccyx. That makes it
easier to remember. [APPLAUSE] (SINGING) Cervical, thoracic,
lumbar, sacrum, coccyx. Yeah. I want to tell you, I think
you are absolutely incredible. And thank you very much for
being my first interview today. It was wonderful. This was fantastic. And thank you very
much for coming. You’re welcome. [APPLAUSE] Speaking of those
extra tasty cupcakes, you like to bake, right? I love to bake. Yeah. We got you some stuff. (GASPS) Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. [APPLAUSE] Thank you! So, this will totally
help you bake. It’s an apron, it’s a
chef’s hat, it’s a mixer, it’s some candles and
decorations for cakes, it’s bowls and cups. Thank you. Rolling pin. And it even has a cupcake on it. Yep. Kind of like you knew
what I was going to make. Yeah. Well, I think somebody did. I didn’t necessarily know. I’m going to enjoy
those cupcakes. And I really thank
you for making them. And I thank you for
being here today. You’re welcome. What an awesome,
awesome [? deal. ?] [APPLAUSE] And thank you for all
this cooking stuff. I’m going to go
eat some cupcakes. We’ll be right back. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
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awesome videos. Like videos of me getting scared
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that sort of thing. (SCREAMS) Oh, [BLEEP]. God, [BLEEP].

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