XT3 Firmware 3.20 Focus Test

Hello hi there this is Peter Gregg Miami
Florida welcome to the Christmas room sit back relax you are about to watch a
Peter Gregg video something warm human and wonderful happens when you watch
Peter Gregg welcome welcome welcome I just tested this camera just a few days
ago and I was packing it up to take it back send it back to B&H who sent it
to me so that I could try it out here apparently you guys have commented that
I picked the worst possible lens but a 35-mm 1.4 lens is pretty
important in a lens lineup so that’s the only lens I got so I don’t have another
lens to test it with so I really really really really really liked the camera
let’s do the right white this is the right white I’m going to color balance
it by putting it here clicking on that with the eyedropper in for me it’s Final
Cut Pro you would use Premiere Final Cut Pro or whatever it is that you’re using
to help you white balance okay so I was just packing this up and lo and behold
I’m sitting there reading my end of the day read having my nice cup of hot
chocolate yeah in the Christmas room I still have hot chocolate all year long
okay so they introduced a new firmware firmware 3.20 from 3.10 so I checked the
camera before I was boxing it up and sure enough I have firmware 3.10 so wow
this is hot off the press so I just updated the firmware in the XT3 the
Fuji XT3 and I let’s give it a test run so here we are and it’s the middle of
the night in the middle of the night ok so this is what I’m gonna do I’m gonna
walk down that way then I’m gonna come back I’m gonna walk that way and come
back and we’re gonna see if the firmware update has actually helped on what a lot
of you guys have said is the worst possible focusing lens
for video so I’m going to turn around which means we no longer have a face I
do have it on face priority and I actually have it on eye priority I’m
gonna come down here do jingle bells blanket and stop I don’t have my glasses
on because I’m trying not to handicap the camera and then I’m gonna walk back
to where I normally stand so I got to look to see where I normally stand so
this is what it did I I just uploaded this firmware it is 20 minutes fresh
this is a fresh brand new delicious firmware its firmware 3.20 from the Fuji
download center and it is put out today so we’re testing it alright let’s walk
over here so I’m gonna go probably a little bit out of the frame but we’re
gonna see what its gonna do I’m gonna come down to the Christmas tree I’m
gonna turn around I’m gonna wave Here I am hello
and then I’m going to slowly walk back well actually this time I’m not gonna
walk slowly I’m gonna walk normal and then come up here normal as possible for
you know what time is it Oh 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning well I had
to get the video up to see what happens so now we’re gonna do the same thing and
put my glasses on it’s a little bit harder just so you know everything is a
default setting I haven’t speeded up the response or the
sensitivity which all those kind of controls are but this allows you to
check this focus with the video right before this one which was with firmware
3.10 so now we’ve got firmware 3.20 actually there’s a zero so it’s 3.10
and 3.20 so i’m going to put my glasses on I’m gonna wave my hands around a
little bit gonna cover up my face it lost the eye detection okay I’m going to
turn around stop okay I surrender and I’m gonna walk back here I’m gonna come
down the tree should not be in focus right now alright because I’m not close
enough at f1 point for the tree to be in perfect focus I need to be in perfect
focus so this is kind of like 70% of the distance between where I normally stand
and actually going and standing in front of the tree so I’m gonna come and stand
in front of the tree because with the glasses it’s harder for it to see but
the default should be the sparkly lights you know that’s the candy the eye candy
for the focus system is these sparkly lights and that type of stuff and now
I’m going to walk back up to the front up to where my normal position is stand
here yep I’m in the right spot and now you got to see from where 3.20 did it
improve a lot did it improve a little bit tell me what you think because
they’re making a big deal I had no problems updating the firmware and I
don’t see anything eccentric or any idiosyncrasies with the camera now that
it’s got the new firmware so I’m sure if there’s anything it’ll pop up on the
internet the Internet is famous for telling you exactly what’s wrong with
everything I just changed the focus sensitivity settings to see what’s going
to happen I kind of slowed everything down on how quickly it responds and how
quickly attracts me so I’m going to make another run down this way come over here
turn around and stop again I don’t have my glasses on so I’m allowing the eye to
override the face and the eye and then I’m going to come down here and I’m
going to wave and say hi I’m over here that seemed to trip it up before and now
I’m going to walk back up over here and see what happens
alright so let’s change it again to where the sensitivity is much more
active and see what happens so I changed it to a faster tracking let me take off
the glasses and now I’m going to stand here for a second we have my hands
around a little bit cover my face with my arm pull it down and I’m going to
turn around take a step and stop bum bada bum bum then I’m gonna walk back
down let’s go all the way to the tree this time hey I’m over here alright and
now I’m gonna walk back up and kind of stay in my station I kind of look over
here to make sure I’m in the same spot every time
all right so the the one before this was plus one minus four that would be the
tracking and the minus four was the AF speed I wrote it down I was smart enough
to write it down this time so now the tracking is at plus four from
plus one and the AF speed from – for now now what you’re watching now is plus
four alright so let’s go back so that’s the Fuji xt3 with the brand-spanking-new
fresh out of the box 3.20 firmware what do you think make a comment down below
i’m gonna let you guys make the judgment call and see what you think my judgment
is i’m not gonna tell you haven’t seen this video yet so i couldn’t tell you if
I wanted to all right Peter Craig Miami Florida
bye-bye you have just watched another Peter Gregg video something warm human
and wonderful happens when you watch Peter Gregg thank you for watching
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