Yamaha EPH-100 In-Ear Earphone Review

Hi! Welcome to Lachlan Likes A Thing, a show
where I take a thing and see whether or not I like it. Now the thing we’re looking at
in this video is the Yamaha EPH-100 dynamic micro-driver in-ear earphone. Now in this
video we’re going to talk about the design and the build quality of the EPH-100, we’re
going to talk about the ergonomics and also the sound quality of the EPH-100. And throughout
this video I’m going to be making comparisons to other earphones that I think are roughly
comparable in terms of sound quality and price point. And they would be the HIFIMAN RE-400,
the VSonic GR07 and especially to the JVC FXD80 which is another micro driver in ear
earphone with a metal body and a similar kind of overall sound. So first of all this is
the first Yamaha earphone that I’ve ever tried and it retails for something like $149 in
the US. That is the last price I saw on Amazon when I checked. As for Australian pricing
I actually have no idea whether you can even get these in Australian retail. I got these
through a credit card redemption program so I have no idea what the street prices are
like in Australia. But if you really wanted a pair I suppose you could import a pair through
Amazon.co.jp using Tenso forwarding or maybe you can let me know in the comments if you
find a place in Australia that actually sells these. Now let’s talk about the design of
the EPH-100 and one of the first things you’ll notice about this earphone is the really nice
solid feeling metal body on this earphone. And it looks like this kind of weird tube
with several sections along it. And this metal earphone is actually made out of brass with
nickel chrome plating and Yamaha chose this material because supposedly it relates to
their heritage as a musical instrument maker. Now what’s really nice about all earphones
with metal bodies in general and I’m a big fan of these kinds of earphones is that the
metal body feels very solid, it feels like something that’s unlikely to break if you
were to accidentally step on it or roll over it with a chair or something which is something
I have an unfortunate habit of doing with my earphones. With the EPH-100’s body what
is nice about this earphone is that compared to the JVC FXD80 which has a really nice stainless
steel kind of earpiece, the EPH-100 has that similar sort of solidity to it but it isn’t
nearly as heavy as the FXD80 which means that it puts less pressure on your ear canals.
As for the rest of the earphone though I gotta say I find the cable of the EPH-100 a bit
of a disappointment. First of all the earpiece, with the strain relief connected to the earpiece
it’s relatively flimsy and it doesn’t feel like it could take any sort of real pressure
or abuse. The cable itself is quite lightweight but it’s somewhat thin and not particularly
supple feeling. And it’s leagues away from the cable on the JVC FXD80 which is a fantastic
feeling high quality cable surprisingly on a earphone which is less than half the price
of the EPH-100. Now as far as the eartips go and this is moving into the comfort and
ergonomics section of the review I found that the eartips included with the EPH-100 weren’t
all that comfortable with my ear canal. They come with biflange tips and combined with
the relatively thick nozzle of the EPH-100 I found that the second flange on the eartips
would rub against the inside of my ear canal and just feel a little bit irritating. And
I actually ended up using the JVC FXD80 eartips which have a single flange and I found them
overall just a bit more soft and a bit more comfortable in the ear. Now your mileage may
vary and as far as micro driver IEMS go you definitely want to avoid any micro driver
IEM in general if you’ve got small ear canals because the relatively large nozzle is never
going to be quite comfortable inside your ear. Now with the EPH-100 with the JVC tips
I actually found them quite comfortable especially if you wear them with the cable going up and
around the back of your ear. In terms of noise isolation they’re very good, I actually find
them better than average. They block out quite a lot of noise for a dynamic driver in-ear.
They do stick out the ear which means that you can’t lie down with them on so if that’s
something you want to do you might want to look elsewhere. In terms of cable noise again
with the cable going up cable noise is not really a problem with the EPH-100. So in general
I found that EPH-100 more of a comfortable IEM than the JVC FXD80 just because the earpieces
overall just less in terms of weight. I would put them equivalent in terms of comfort with
the HIFIMAN RE-400 but not quite as good as the VSonic GR07 which has that adjustable
nozzle which means that you can really customise the feel of that earphone for your own ear.
Now moving onto the sound quality of the EPH-100 generally in the past when anyone was looking
for a good value, fun sounding kind of earphone I would generally recommend the JVC FXD80.
Now the JVC FXD80 has a kind of fun rich bass response which is quite punchy and somewhat
exaggerated and combined with a vocal section and a treble section which is again quite
forward and you get a somewhat V-shaped sound. Now the EPH-100 I think comes very close to
me replacing the FXD80 as my main recommendation for that kind of fun dynamic sound. The EPH-100
doesn’t sound quite as treble forward as the FXD80. The FXD80 definitely has more kind
of high end shimmer to the sound but overall it’s the same kind of fun dynamic signature.
It’s definitely not neutral and it falls somewhere in between the HIFIMAN RE-400 which is just
a very neutral kind of jack of all trades sound the Shure SE215 which is somewhat more
of a more sleepy warm kind of sound. The EPH-100 in comparison is a very lively kind of vivacious
sounding kind of earphone. Now the only reason why I think the EPH-100 doesn’t completely
replace the JVC FXD80 in my recommendation is that the FXD80 is a cheaper earphone for
one thing, it’s about half the price of the EPH-100, and it’s also I would say a better
built earphone in terms of the cable durability. That said though the EPH-100 is definitely
going to be one of my top recommendations because it is a comfortable earphone. It has
a really exciting sound to it, and I think it has a relatively build as far as the earpieces
go. I don’t think the cable is terrible and certainly the EPH-100 is a comfortable earphone
overall but I do think there is definitely room for improvement as far as cable design
goes. But I think that if you are a big fan of electronic music or you want something
that’s just a bit more lively, and you find that the RE-400 or the VSonic GR07 are just
a bit boring for you I can definitely say you should put the EPH-100 near the top of
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