Yoga For Migraines – Yoga With Adriene

– Hello my friends and
welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene and this is Benji. And I brought my blue
heeler to practice today ’cause we’re
gonna help you find some natural
healing for migraines. You’re gonna need a couple
items today if you have them. If you don’t have
them, it’s A-okay, we’ll just work with
the body and the breath. We have everything
we need right here, but if you’d like,
you can grab a towel or a bandana to cover the eyes. If you have a little
peppermint oil or lavender oil. I have a little
spray here of a mixture. You can bring that with you. Again, if you don’t
have it, that’s okay. Maybe next time. If you have a pillow, I literally grabbed
the pillow off my bed. You can grab that,
put a couch pillow or a folded up towel
or blanket will work. And then I’d like you to also
bring a small glass of water, a cup of water, a sip
of water if you have it. If you don’t have any of
these things, that’s A-okay. But if you have
any of these things, go ahead and pause the
video or in this little intro, you can grab those
things and then we’re gonna just hunker down old school
style and tend to it, alright? Benji, you ready? That’s a yes. Lets get started. (upbeat music) Alright, my sweet friend. Here we go. We’re gonna take
care of this together. If you haven’t already, make sure the light
in your room is soft. You can dim this
screen if it’s on the computer or phone or tablet. If it’s on the television,
know that I’m gonna use my voice to guide you, so
that you can keep a soft gaze or your eyes even closed for
the majority of this practice. We’re gonna work
through this together. I’m so sorry
you have a headache. We’re gonna take
care of this proper. First things first is getting
your mind in the right place to believe that
the natural remedies and the power of the breath
can help shift a migraine. I believe in it immensely
and I believe in the power of just balancing the
energy of the body, you know, as a way of providing a lot
of healing for many things, so just open your mind. We’re just gonna come
into a nice, comfortable seat and just open your mind with a couple full breaths and just kind of come
into the present moment and chances are, I know when
I’ve experienced headaches, migraines, I tend to
clench in the forehead a lot so just see if you can soften,
and if you need to take your fingertips to the
head here, thumb, ring finger and then your two
fingertips to the forehead, do that as a way of
just helping yourself to soften, soften, soften. There’s a lot of
emotion that can come up when we are suffering,
when we’re in pain, when we’re frustrated, so I encourage you
to really just lean in. We have a sweet,
supportive practice to help you move through this
and it can be empowering to allow for proper release. Come out fresh
on the other side. Take one more quiet
breath wherever you are, just kind of
coming into the moment and noticing places where
you can soften a little bit. And then exhale, release. Okay, soft gaze here. This first one is not
a big, fancy yoga pose. You’re gonna grab your water
and we’re gonna lift it up. Cheers to healing
from the inside out. You don’t have
to chug your water, you can just take one big sip,
but take as much as you need. And when you’re done,
put your cup or your glass or your water bottle to the side and come to stillness once again in your nice, comfortable seat. You can close your eyes. We’re gonna start with some
alternative nostril breathing, so sit up nice and tall
and then as you’re ready you’re just gonna take your
thumb to your right nostril and breathe in
through your left nostril, so seal your right
nostril with your thumb. And after you breathe
in, seal your left nostril with your index
finger or your middle finger and then breathe out
through the right nostril so you’re just
alternating back and forth. And inhale, right nostril. Pause and seal at the top and exhale out
through the left nostril. Inhale through the left
nostril, close your eyes once you get the hang of it. Seal the left nostril and
exhale out through the right. Inhale, right nostril. Pause at the top,
exhale out through the left. Inhale through the left nostril. Pause, seal and switch. Exhale out through the right. Inhale through the right. Pause, seal, switch. Exhale through the left. Inhale through the left. Switch, exhale out the right. Inhale through the right. Switch, exhale out the left. And one more round. Inhale through the left. Switch, exhale out the right. Big inhale through the right. Switch, exhale out the left. Release your right arm,
close your eyes, return to a natural breath. Drop the chin to the chest,
keep the eyes closed. Keep lifting up nice
and tall through the spine and just feel a nice, passive
stretch in the back of the neck. Hands rest gently on the knees, or you can pull them back
to the tops of the thighs, bringing your
shoulder blades together. Let the brow bones
soften and grow heavy. Let your breath
rise and fall gently. With the hands on
the thighs or the knees, navel draws back and
we round forward even more trying to draw the
nose towards the navel, crown of the head
towards the earth, so you just take
it a little further, rounding through the spine. Then press your sit
bones into the earth, ground through your booty,
and roll up through the spine. As you stack head over
heart, heart over pelvis, slowly bring your soft
fingertips to your temples. Pull the temples back
towards the back of your head and then massage them forward, soft gentle movement, and
then back and then forward. Then back and then forward. Part the lips here,
soft in the jaw, back, stretch the creases of
the eye back, then forward, and back and forward. Awesome, release the fingertips, let them come down
gently at your side. You’ll press into the left hand and just draw the left
ear over the left shoulder and then reach the
right fingertips out. For more, you can
flex the right hand here, just find a little pressing
of the base of the palm. Should feel it in the right
side, the neck particularly, right behind the ear
here and the base of the head, the neck, the atlas area,
back of the head. And then switch,
right hand comes down nice and slow, slow, slow. Right hand comes
down to the earth, right ear over right shoulder, and then slowly lift
the left fingertips up. Keep it relaxed,
and if you want, you can bring the left
fingertips up towards the sky and I need you to
bring a nice, loving, healing full tender loving care breaths. In and out, in and out. Great, bring it back to center. Nice work. And then bring the
hands and flip them up and lift the chest,
lift your heart. Deep breath in. Long breath out
through the nose. Big breath in through the nose. Long breath out
through the nose. Wonderful. From here, we’re
gonna come onto all fours really nice and slow, and you can use
the pillow here or not but we’re gonna come onto
the knees, tabletop position. You can use the
pillow the under your knees or you can even bring
the pillow onto the head. We’re gonna drop the
elbows first where the hands go and tabletop, and then you’re
gonna curl the toes under for stability and we’re
actually gonna lift the hips and instead of going
back, heart to earth, we’re gonna go crown
of the head to earth, so draw your nose
towards your navel again, crown of the head
towards the earth. Variations. If the shoulders are tight,
bring the palms together. You can even interlace. To go a little deeper
you can walk the knees a little bit closer
towards the shoulders like we do in bunny
posture and if you wanna take a bunny posture you’ll
release the fingertips back one at a time to
interlace behind the thighs. We have a foundations
of yoga on bunny posture if you wanna check it out. We have lots of
different variations here, crown of the head on the
ground, not a lot of weight in the neck and the shoulders, but definitely a
little bit of pressure on the crown here on the earth. Breathe into the
back of the neck, the back of the head. That just means breathe
deep and send your awareness, your attention to
that part of the body. Lift the navel up,
stretch the lower back. As you lift the hips, have
lots of awareness in the hips lifting up, not collapsing down. And then from here,
nice and slow, connect to your
core or your center, just so you are not
collapsing into your joints, you’re gonna walk the
knees together, press the palms so reach the fingertips
out, press into the palms, inhale and exhale,
release back, Child’s Pose. Full Balasana,
knees together, feet together. As you’re ready, paint your
yoga mat with your palms slowly and send the
fingertips all the way back. Allow the
shoulders to round forward. Allow the forehead
to press into the earth. Pull heavy and
breathe softly, sweetly. Inhale in, exhale, turn
your nose towards the left, your right ear comes
towards the yoga mat. It doesn’t have to touch. And then pull your shoulders
back away from your ears here. If you want you can bring the
hands to the small of the back just resting one hand
gently on top of the other. Breathe deep, and then slowly
come through center, turn your nose towards the
right side of your yoga mat, left ear comes
towards the ground, maybe opposite palm comes on
top, and you breathe deep here. Pull the shoulders back. And then slowly
come back to center. Reach the fingertips
forward, come all the way, slowly back up,
Tabletop Position. Wonderful. Walk the knees
as wide as the yoga mat. Inhale, keep the
gaze of the head down, pull the shoulders back,
drop the belly. Breathe in, breathe out. Again, drop the belly
but gaze stays down today. Claw onto the fingertips. Breathe in, breathe out. One more time,
breathe in, breathe out. Right hand comes underneath
the bridge of the left arm. Right ear to the earth. Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in to
come back to center. Switch, left fingertips
go underneath the bridge of the right arm, left
ear comes to the ground. Breathe in, eyes closed here,
breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out,
come back to center. Walk the knees up
towards the wrists. Curl the toes, sit back on
the heels, gaze straight down. Stretch the feet, tuck
the chin into the chest, broaden through
the back of the neck. Breathe in, breathe out. Connect to the
energy of the earth here. Heal with the breathe, inhale. Just feel the power of your
breath is all I’m trying to say. And breathe out. Fabulous. Lift the hips, cross the ankles where you can swing
the legs to one side and we’re gonna
come all the way through. Send the legs out long. Inhale, breathe in. Exhale, breathe out. Inhale, breathe in, exhale, slide the fingertips
down any amount. Tuck the chin into the chest,
round the head forward. You can bend your
knees generously here. Pashcimottanasana,
forward, forwards. Seated forward. Find extension, find length. And breathe in, and breathe out. Breathe in, and breathe out. You’re doing
great, beautiful work. Inhale in, come back up. Exhale, draw the heels together. Breathe in,
sit up nice and tall. Breathe out, bowing forward. Continue breathing in and breathe out. By now, hopefully
you’re really starting to get in a little rhythm regulating the breath. Create space in
the base of the neck. Gorgeous, just stick with it. It’s not an instant thing,
it’s a process. Tuck the chin into
the chest, roll it up. Be kind to yourself,
your thoughts matter. Dig your heels
out on your yoga mat, toes up towards the sky. Use your palms to
lift the bum and the hips and come all the way down. Your head is gonna
come onto your pillow so set yourself up for greatness and then you’re gonna
grab your makeshift eye pillow, your towel or your bandana,
dirty old sock. (laughs) Just kidding, choose a
clean sock if you have it. And then,
I brought a little mist that I like from Little Moon. I’m not getting paid for this,
but if you have a little oil or a mist you could pause the
video or maybe you’re all set and you have it with you, you can spray your
towel or your thing now. I’ll post a link to
these guys because I love them. Again, I’m just using this
because I actually like it. This is not an ad. Then I’m gonna take
this and I’m gonna bring it, you guessed it,
right to my eyes, right with the mist on top. I’m gonna guide
you with my voice here, so thank you for trusting me. You’re gonna bring the
feet as wide as your yoga mat, just to the edges. Knees are bent still. Feet are on the
ground, knees are bent. Allow the knees to
fall in towards the center. The belly softens. Soften through the groin,
soften through the pelvis, and bring your hands
right to your lower belly. Feel your feet
connect to the earth, your head
cradled by your pillow. Block out the light, start to
breathe in and out once again. Maybe smelling your peppermint
oil or your lavender oil. Rosemary, eucalyptus, also good. Relax through the hips. Just see if you can really relax
your tongue and your mouth. Keep the feet where
they are and keep the hips and the pelvis
and the belly soft. You’re just gonna
bring your hands in between your pillow and your head. Thumbs are gonna extend so they’re kind of
cradling the neck and then you’re gonna use your
thumbs to just gently press into the muscles of the
neck, the base of the head, and just give
yourself a little massage here. Hands go between
your pilla and your head and you’re just gonna use
your thumbs to gently massage the base of the head,
the muscles of the neck. Think about what you’re
communicating to your body here, what the union or
the yoga really is here of the mind and the
body and your breath. It’s saying it’s okay,
I’m here to process this. Move through it and move on. Take a couple more moments here to baby yourself
with this massage. Remember, you have
everything you need. And you’re gonna stay
here as long as time allows, releasing the hands
whenever you’re ready gently to your sides. You can keep the
feet where they are. You can open the knees wide
again for a Cobbler’s Pose or just extend
the legs out long. Snuggle your shoulder blades
underneath your heart space, and again, whatever time
allows for you to breathe here with the eyes closed. In the dark. Take what you need. If you have to transition,
you’re gonna do it really slowly by coming into
fetal position first, and then making
your way up as needed. Drink lots of water today. I’ll list some other tips and
supplements and some ideas I have for you for
regular daily practice to prevent migraines and
to help you with headaches. I’ll list that in
the video description. Take a deep breath in. Long breath out. Hopefully this
will get you started on moving through your healing process. Thank you for sharing your
time and your energy with me. Take good care. Namaste. (upbeat music)


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