Yoga for Vertigo & Inner Ear issues(Meniere’s disease) by Yogic Ways

Namaste, welcome to Yogicways. Today we are going to demonstrate basic asanas
for Vertigo & Inner Ear issues. Let’s get started. Seat comfortably in any comfortable seated
posture like Vajrasana, Sukhasana anything which comfortable to you. Keep your body relaxed with spine straight
and back straight. Extend your right hand over the ear and make
sure there is space between ears and shoulders, slowly place the left palm on your left
ear and gently bend your head towards your right Extend your left hand and stretch it diagonally
towards the floor. Feel the stretch in the side of the neck and
stay there for 8-10 breaths. long breaths, be gentle, be kind. Gently and slowly release. Now extend left palm over your head and place
the left palm on your right ear and gently bend your head towards your left, extend your
right hand and stay there for 8-10 breaths. Try to make the breath longer and deeper. And gently release. take both the palms behind your head and interlace
your fingers and gently press back of your head and chin to the chest and squeeze your
elbows together, feel the stretch in the back of the neck and stay there for 8-10 breaths. feel the stretch in the cervical spine And gently release Place both the palms on your chest and slowly
drop your head back and feel the stretch in the front part to of the neck, stay with the
breath and gently, slowly release. Now slowly we will get to Malasana, place
the feet together or you can start with wide leg squat down, heels on the floor, now use
the elbows to push the thighs away, press the palm to heart center and lift the chest,
keep your spine straight, back straight, look forward, stay there for 8-10 breaths, long
and deep Slowly release Now extend your hands forward and get your
heels together If you’re comfortable, hold the heels and
drop the head down to the floor gently release and slowly sit down extend the legs, reach out with your hand
over the head and fold forward, gently and gently come up and release Bend your right knee, place the right heal
to the perineum, extend the spine. Hold your right knee with left palm and right
palm placed behind the back lift your chest up and gently take a twist open your right shoulder and keep your left
feet active, toes pointing to the ceiling. long and deep breathes here, every time you
exhale think of twisting your spine gently release, stretch your right leg and
bend your left leg hold with right palm, lengthen your spine
and twist slowly release and come to sukhasana now we will practice bhramari, take your forefinger,
place on the ear, press the inner flap of the ear and close your eyes. Now we going to generate should like a bee [ buzzing ] gently release and you can repeat this 10-15
times Now slowly fold forward on the floor and relax gently come up Namaste, thank you


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