YOUR WORLD IS AN ILLUSION | Prey (Funny Moments)

(WAPUSH) Top of the morning to ya laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye- or as some people like to call me, “The Queen Latifah of Let’s Plays”. And welcome to “Prey”! No, not “pray” as in… get your hands together and papa bless this shit. Today we’re going to BE the prey! Or something else is going to be the prey… I have no idea. But this game looks cool. It’s about aliens, it’s about space. You get guns. You can do magic… That’s all I need to know! That’s all you need in a game. It- it- it does look seriously fun though. And I’ve been waiting for it for a long time. So, I’m excited! Oh, jesus… hi! Hello… people… “M.Yu” Okay, why does this guy look like the cross between Mark and Filthy Frank? [Laughs] That’s uncanny. UM! Do I wanna play as a… …Mank? Or do I wanna play as this… STUNNING, BEAUTIFUL… young lad- oh, she got the red eyes. Um! Sure… Red eyes… She looks- she looks like she knows how to party. A few drinks… Ha ha, bit of a hangover have we got? She got that sly seductress look in her face as well. Coy playing with her hair like that. This guy’s just like… wiping the fucking mashed potatoes off his face. Okay! Female, let’s go! It is? Jesus, how long have I been asleep for? Oh yeah, gimme those sick beats! Or not, I’m not a morning person. Apparently. I’m a “Morgan” person, ha ha. BAZING! (Someone stop him) Jesus Christ, 2032 and iPhones still haven’t evolved Morning! Uh… “Preorder Bonus”? I don’t fucking care. Oooo! I- the- BYE! A very one-sided conversation… But that’s fine- look at this! Jesus Christ, I live in a penthouse! With this kind of- I can’t go outside… But, I live in a penthouse with this kind of view! And there’s a chopper coming to collect me! Am I Bruce Wayne? I am, aren’t I? Jesus, I really need to hire a fucking interior decorator though. It’s not so much art… As it is like… diagrams for a science project. Like planting seeds to make a tree. Like “Here we have figure A..” “…you germinate the seed. In figure C..” “…the tree is fully bloomed!” Like an optic nerve in your eye. PLUS! Who has like a kickass bed?- Make your fucking bed, Morgan. And then just a lab?! [Laughs] I just have a kitchen, a living room area, a bed and A LAB. In my apartment. What is this? What the fuck do I need… …7 monitors for?! I must be playing some fucking SICK League of Legends on this. Christ, Morgan, would ya clean up after yourself? Pizza boxes lying around! I mean- “Lucky’s…” “…Puccias & Pizzeria.” is… …the fucking But you gotta clean up after yourself once in a while! There we go, just clean up, watch this. I’m gonna show you the method of speed cleaning LOOK! Kobe… …dunk! Dunk that shit. Dunk everything! Dunk- there we go! As long as it’s not on your desk, then it’s not dirty! Fucking… Morgan’s got an arm on her! Look at that shit! Let’s sit down and um… play some “vidja” games Just sit down here… and watch our… our favourite Let’s Player… [Jack screaming in various languages and tones] Jesus, Christ, what is- that was shit! Good lord, ow my ears! Oh look, the whole family’s all together. If not- If that’s not the start… …of a fucking super villain family… I don’t know what is. Let’s- let’s go in and have a shower. Do I have Pepsi in my shower? [Jack singing “Singing in the Rain” in the most beautiful whale mating call noise you’ll ever be blessed to hear] And we just squeeze out a dooker. [Farting noise] Ah, there we go… nice and fresh and clean! I don’t need toilet roll! I’m gonna use the towel to wipe my ass with… Okay, they’re dirty. I’m gonna have to wait for the maid to come clean up… I MEAN! I know I could be a bit more organized… …with my clutter. But I mean, the maids gotta earn their wage! Gonna make them come in and like, LOOK for the dirt. That’s how I know if they’ve done a great job, if they actually find the dirt that I don’t even know is there! Uh, lemme just turn this off… Um, cause you know… saving… [Chuckles] power, and the environment and all that. I’m gonna bet and get this in the toilet. [Jack fucking losing his shit cause he just made the most iconic shot in modern human history] AH! You owe me 25 schmeckles! My complexion is not the best today. Let me just get my purse… and I’m out the door! Crap, okay. Aw, this suit sucks! This is gonna clash with my shoes! Ooh! Rich Corinthian leather! Nice, okay, uh… open this up. Fuck, look at these… …nice little pumps here, and what do I got on? Big fucking working wellies. I don’t need them. But at least I have some sexy, slender legs. Okay, out the door! Hello? “Morning, Ms.Yu.” Hi. Do you want a hand bag? I bought this for you! I heard it was your birthday yesterday. Sorry… …couldn’t make it to the party… …you know, busy and all… …fighting aliens and whatever- “These things can be tricky, you know?” I KNOW! Working is hard… Have working… balancing your social life… …and coming to birthday parties for your friends and everything. It’s not that I don’t like you and think you smell like cabbage. It’s because I was busy- Here. Well… Fuck you then. You do a nice thing for someone and they don’t appreciate it. Well, that’s not enough water for that tiny, little fish! Your whole world is in here! I’m gonna save you! I’m gonna get you out of there! Just hold on. Let me get something. Stand. Back. I’m going to use my soldering iron that I got for my 12th birthday! It’s fine it doesn’t even work anymore. Eup Ap… Ugh! Shit! Huah! Huh! Hugh! I don’t know if I should sacrifice my friend’s old VHS box set. Oh, fuck! Huap! God dammit fish! Okay, it’s not work- I’ll be back! Just hold on! Need some help there? Need some help seeing what you’re doing? Yeah, the wrench goes on the- yup! It goes on… the- the- the bolts there. Just twist and it’s done! You’re terrible at your job. Well… try doing it in the dark! How you feel about that? Oh yeah… Oh, that’s the shit right there. Oh yeah. You see this everybody? This chopper’s for me! Yeah! I- I thought I was playing Prey but apparently I’m playing… Uh… Deus Ex. But, in we go. Oh! Fuck yeah! This chopper’s bigger than my apartment! Fucking hell… I can do some sweet bikram yoga in here Ooh that’s a fancy intro That’s kinda cool Sweet dude Fly into that bunch of birds I want to see what happens to them in the rotors I could get used to this life It’s pretty nice around here It’s pretty cool Hah. This is the life. Oh that’s awesome! Very nice view on the bay there Are you hinting at your own.. Uh.. Presentation, there… developers? “Nice view on the bay there!” Where our developer name is on the bridge Didj- didja see the bay though? th-the bay was there That’s a very nice view – wait Down here? I could seriously be getting my cardio on in here Like two birds with one stone Look at that! That’s pretty neat! I’m-I’m not gonna lie that’s pretty fucking cool M-miss you? Wait miss me or miss you? [Jack reflects on the terrible pun he just made] You said ms you so does that mean my name’s ms me? Ms you Ms- O-or are you saying you’re going to miss me – as in I’ll miss you?? I dunno man Can I kill myself in the blades? (What are you doing, Jack?) (WASTED) OHMYGODICAN *laughter* *even harder laughter* Game’s over! Go home y’all That’s it, that’s the end! *laughs* First day on the job Nailed it! *Instant regret* Oh Christ… *FAST FORWARD* Okay, let’s try this again! Dooon’t jump into the spinning whirly blades of death Got it – you really should turn them off Y’know? Instead of me.. running into them? Okay. Here we are. [Hello Doctor Yu] Hello! D-Doct-? okay. Doctor you. Doctor me? I don’t fucking know you guys are so confusing [I’m a Sybil 495 science class Operator] Okay.. I am a simple minded.. Class 15 human Um… I also have a level 14 Roblox guild… And.. I have a shield of Minecraft *pose* Okay good talkin’ to ya – see ya later Uhh. YES. I am also going to be late.. Because it took you 10 minutes to say that I had an appointment At 9 AM Ooo! It’s the Stay Puft doughboy! Hii OH too close! Thaaankss… You called sculling back vodka a test A huge- uhm- Yu family tradition Okay. Okay – just be myself. Beee my- – are you sure about that? People don’t -tel- t-tend to like me being myself Like-like when we went out drinkin’ That time you said be yourself And then I started screaming out the lyrics to Justin Bieber’s Sorry and everyone looked at me weird? OH-KAY. Be yourself. Beeee yourself – testing rooms Aww do I have to drink again? HI How’s it goin’? Good Morgan morning Little name joke Oh god what are you gonna do to me? Gooot it. Oh dude I GOT THIS. You aint- -EVER seen someone remove boxes from a red circle than you have Jack do. (Right, okay) *Warm up stretches* Three, two – SIKE! Huh! Euh! Eah! Uuh! Uah! Yuah! Yuh! FUUH! DING! FIIINE? Don’t you fuckin’ look at me like that Imelda Just fi- -OH. FINE. I MEAN. Birkenstocks are FINE Jack’s fucking god damn fabulous ‘kay sit in the chair – got it! Did it! Oh.. BAMBOOZLED. Am I hiding? *giggling* His face says that I’m hiding If you look closely that’s the face of a man who knows I’m hiding well. He may be looking right at me-.. Oh okay He-he found me.. Okay, um. Right okay. Did it. Nailed it. He’ll never see me in this corner! Awww fuck there’s a camera *laughter* Uuum.. *laughter* That’s his way of saying that I’m brain dead Duh- how’d I do? Okay! *laughter* He don’t *laughs* fucking The face of a disappointed father He’s like “Throw the ball Billy!” And you throw it and it somehow hits ye in the face And he’s like “..You’re doing marvelous, son.” *God* *Why didn’t I wear a condom?* Fff- Ooh… Got it. Got it. Some siiick hardcore parkour. Some sick hardcore, y’all Uhm- Right. I got fuckin’ mad hops. Watch this FUCK YEAH. Uh. MAGIC’S happening. *giggles* Hi. Sure. Oh, let’s step into D all right. Let’s step into the D room. I know what test is in here. Also, doing absolutely fine Did you not SEE those Michael Jordan hops? What does 8 mean? 8 out of 8? Cos that’s you- 8 means great? Thanks DONE! Test complete, amazing. I can sit down. I got it. Basic human behaviour. *inhales* Got it. Okay, here we go. You’re planning a vacation. Go somewhere familiar you know you love, or try something new? Hm… Gonna really have to consult with my…wife on this one… Uhm. Cos she likes to go somewhere familiar but I like somewhere new… Uh yeah, don’t fuckin’ pressure me! It’s like- my fuckin’ (??) all over again. You can’t just push me into the answers. Uh- somewhere new! Uh-huh, I can press buttons. You’ve been sentenced to death for your actions. How does that make you feel? *laughs* Calm! It was worth it. No- Angry. No one has that right. Afraid. I don’t know what will happen. Fuckin- It was WORTH it. Screw that. Somewhere new? You’ve been sentenced to death for your actions. WORTH IT. Sure is. A runaway train is bearing down on five people who are tied to the track. You can cause the train to switch tracks, but there is one person tied to the second track. Um… It’s 5 v 1 I mean, I think it’s all pretty obvious which one we’d pick. A runaway train is bearing down on five people. You’re standing on the plaform next to an enormously fat man. Pushing him into the track would stop the train. Oh god! *laughs* Uh- Oh no… I’ll have to do nothing on this one, chief! Sorry- Sorry if I let you down with your um- your obsession with killing the fat man. But I’m- Imma have to say do NOTHING on this one. It’s a big negarino on the whole uh- pushing fat man sitch. Uh- Runaway train is bearing down on five people tied to the track. You could stop the train by jumping onto the track, but you would die. WHA- Why are you bringing the fat man into it again?! What the fuck? DOCTOR! Bellamy, was it? More like Dr. Bell-end. Uuum… Runaway train is bearing down on five people tied to the track. You could stop the train by jumping onto the track, but you would die. I’m gonna jump onto the track anyway because I know for a 100% factoid that I would not DIE. Have you see- Have you seen these pythons? It fuckin’- I just STOP the train dead. Here we go. Sto- Jump on the tracks. Bend the track. Send the train into the air. Do a backflip. Fffinally! Oh god… What was that? OH JESUS DUDE! OH THE COFFEE BETRAYED YOU! Why would coffee do that?! OH I see anger and disgust and betrayal on that! Oh fuck! Coffee killed him…! Top ten anime betrayals. Shit I just dreamed all that, didn’t I? I’m back in my bed. Still- Yeah everything … LOOKS the same… Who’s been in my wine cellar? Who drank my 1912 bottle of merlot? I was SAVING that for when I FINALLY got this walnut seed out of my teeth! That was something worth celebrating, dammit! Motherfuckers! Fffine! Fine! We’ll just have this chardonnay instead! It’s like the difference between drinking water and drinking piss Six emails? God fuckin’ dammit! Danger. Leave now. x3 How did someone get access to my Tinder profile? You assholes! EOM I don’t know what that means EOM. Extract On Morgan. *gasps* That’s me! That’s my name! Oh shit we gotta get out of here! I’m gonna pack my- pack my bomb. Uh pack my- my beaker uh pack my microscope um Everything’s- everything’s good. Everything’s fine. Uh pack my tracksuit bottoms. Here we go. I’m gonna be aerodynamic in this suit. It’s gonna get us out of here. I don’t know how much I can bring. There’s only- I need fucking Hermione’s bottomless bag. I can’t even bring my coffee machine? I’m bringing my favourite cup. It was given to me by Theodore F. Watson. Okay. Aahhh shit she’s dead! Is the fish okay though? The fish is fucking fine. God bless that fish! I’ll get you out of there though! FUCK! I broke my cup! Hello? Wa- Wake up sleepyhead! You good? Do- d- Don’t make me hit you! You watched The Ring, didn’t you? They said seven days. Seems like they’ve really sped up the process. Can I carry you? Oh I can! Come on, friend! I have a new best friend! We’re gonna get out of here and that’s all there is to it! Okay, this is my apartment. Uh okay- Patricia. Y-y- Come up onto the bed here, Patricia. Yes, yes. You’re SO amazed at the apartment. Look at her- *imitates expression* She’s so amazed at my decorating. Yeah I know. I was surprised too when I got this place for this price. Um- Over here’s my bed. This is where I sleep and where I- Hah, do other things like write my fanfictions. Um this is my wardrobe- You’re gonna have to excuse the mess. I haven’t had a lot of time to clean up. They told me I needed to leave though Uh is my door still locked? The door’s not locked but can I- Ohhhhh!! See sneaky little hobbitses! Patricia! Did you see this? Patricia, look! There’s a hole! Our whole reality is a lie! There’s a fuckin’ studio in there! J- I-I know! Shocking! Jacksepticeye’s life is filmed in front of a live studio audience it seems. Can I- Duuuuude!!! That’s a fuckin’ awesome graphic effect! Don’t you fuckin’ look at me That’s so awesome! Wait. I need to find out somethin’. Humphrey, are you real? Humphrey, I don’t know what’s real anymore! Ah they give you sushi to eat! Finally! I know it’s- looks like cannibalism but it’s not. You’re a different kind of fish. Are you real? Humphrey? I’m g- I’m gonna have to test. Are you real? I’m gonna get you out! HUMPHREY WAS A LIE! You were just a projection! You know what- You know what was real? My feelings towards you, Humphrey! You motherfucker! Godammit! This is like that time- I had uh slices of toast. And my mother buttered them and then I ate them and was like mmmm that’s nice! Was that new butter you used? And she said Believe it or not. That wasn’t butter. That was “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!” My whole world shattered like the windows to my projected penthouse. Th- THIS is the biggest anime betrayal right after what my mother did to me. Have to smash EVERY window now to make sure what’s real. They were lookin’ at me! At least they didn’t look into the bathroom. Did you guys see me doing number 2? Did you guys see me go doody? Motherfuckers! It was all a lie! The helicopter arrival. The pigeon test, the wake-up call! All lies. Everything was lies. Is my name even Ms. Yu? Ms. Me? Ms. YuMe? Motherfucker… Tattoo machines of the future are hardcore! Wanna sit down and tattoo your spine and scalp? Come on down, to the future where we’ll also blast you with fuckin’ madass K-pop on the world’s most giant tattoo parlour speaker! Fuckin’ hell. Safe. Hm… Not so safe anymore! Uh- 1, 2, 3, 4. Nailed it! Uh- D- Does ERROR mean the same thing in the future as it does to me? WARNING! Do not open door while simulation is in progress! Okay uh- You probably should’ve said that on like- my apartment window. Warning. Do not shatter glass. Reality also shatters at same time. So it- it’s basically YOUR fault. For now- THE HELICOPTER WASN’T REAL? But I FINALLY felt like the bowler (?) I saw in the mirror every mornin’! Hello? Is everyone dead? Really seems like everyone’s deaadd! Oh thank god, fuckin’ pizza! *pizza consumption noises* This- gimme that right then and there! Um I-m- I’m not cleaning up this time! Fuck you guys. World’s ending. My world’s over. Whaaaattt??? Did that thing just move?! There was only one of them there a second ago. Alien. You want pizza? A peace offering? A pizz-offering? Think that worked. HUP! Or was it this one? Oh god! I don’t know anymore! My world’s a lie! Fuckin’- Come here! Come here chair, I will destroy you! HEH! Ohhh shit. DAHH!! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! IT WAS THIS ONE! J’ACCUSE! Oh god now where did it go? Oh fuck, that- that’s a lot of paranoia. DAHHHH FUCK! DIE! Yeah! Remember the name! Eh bring this toilet paper just in case I SHIT my pants again. Noooo… my wardrobe was a lie! There was a secret compartment in it! Goddamn! I could’ve used this! Do you know how many more clothes I would’ve bought if I knew I had this much closet space? Fuckin’ hell! I would’ve complied! I would’ve been fine! You guys didn’t even need to- sedate me and put me in an alternate reality or anything! I would’ve just went along! Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god no! No! I don’t want any! Oh this is where they tested me! Ohhh! Don’t pick up the doody! Python plantophanplasmus! Captain Phasma from Star Wars! Ohh I see- I see how it is! C’mere! C’mere! I got maaad skills, watch this shit! Come on! Come on! Jump at me! Jump at me, bro! Fuckin’- I’ll getcha! That’s right! Beat you into the piece of shit that you are! Got ’em! We good. We good, y’all. Don’t worry. Jack’s got ya. J- long- long as Jack has good ol’ wrenchy we’ll be fine. Come on, wrenchy! It’s just you and me versus the world now at this point. Fuck everyone else. Look- They were even spying on me from up above! Sons of bitches! You okay there, Patricia? You just hang out there. Keep- Keep being amazed at everything, Patricia. That’s what makes you you. That’s why we like you. No-one likes me though. Which, ironically, is also ‘Yu’. So, no-one likes- I’m saying no-one likes ‘Yu’ as in me, but I’m also saying everyone likes you as in you. It’s confusing, I know. But we’ll get to the end of it imm- er- Soon enough. DOHHH FUCK I knew there was one in here. C’mere. C’mere! Son of a bitch! Son of a bitch! GOT EM! Now it just looks like I fuckin’ spilled my pen everywhere. Ooh 9mm bullets for the mm that I don’t have. That’s at least 9 more mm than what I have on me right now. Take all this useless garbage. Break more windows- FUCK THE WINDOWS! What do you tell me- Press “OK” to reset simulation. Simulation scene, echelon roof. Ohhhhh… WOAHHHH… That’s. Fuckin’. Nuts! Dude that’s some Portal level shit! What happens if- Transtar roof. That’s awesome! I mean- FUCK you guys for doing that to me but- I’m over it! Wow… How would you not see that? You can clearly see where the panels join. Morgan. Are you a lil’ slow on the uptake? There’s not even a fuckin’ ground over there! There’s floatin’ buildings. Morgan, really? Were you really fooled by this shoddy simulation? I dunno, I’m kinda on the- Kinda on the Transtar side on this one. Looking Glass OFF. Looking Glass ON. Do you want the dream world? Or do you want to live in the shitty reality? Shitty reality please! It has wrenchy in it! And he is my best friend now, and we are going to conquer the world together. Ohhhh hi! Ohh!! How does life go for you? Not so good it seems. They turned you into a little prune! That’s not very nice- Oh god now there’s four of them! But why did you let that happen? You guys REALLY need to stop watching The Room. It’s fucking you all up! NYEH-HAHH! Hey guys! Wanna come over to my house for Sunday barbeque? Je- Jeffrey- Je- Jeffrey was it? Jovan? Jovan. Jovan. Okay. St- Sit up there. Atta boy Jo- Sit up there. Oh. Kay. You’re just gonna sit there. Sit here. Sit- Sit on- Sit on Papa Jack’s lap. Imma tell you a story, Jeffrey. Me and wrenchy. One day, went out into the- You’re not even fuckin’ listening. Christ… Fine. Okay. Simulation in progress. Only approved items past this point. Does that include wrenchy? I’m gonna assume that it includes wrenchy. And this med-kit. And Jehovah’s witness. Oh but wait, we gotta be careful in here. Jo- Jor- Jorgie. Anything could be fake. Smack all the things. Anything could be a mimic. Be ever… vigilant! Don’t trust anything… Not even your own eyeballs! Speaking of which, there’s a thing of a human eye over there. Good timing. Are you a mimic? HUAH! Are you a mimic? HUAH! HUAH! HUAH! DAHHH THAT ONE WAS! JESUS CHRIST! FUCKIN’ WHACK ‘EM ALL! I see ya! Ain’t fuckin’ getting away from me! I got the speed of a cat, and the reflexes of a mongoose! Just try and stop me- Hacking! Tch. Need Hacking 1, dammit. Okay, what else is fake? DAH FUCKIN’ CHRIST! Heh- okay! That’s legitimately terrifying, I hate that! God! Ughh…! Okay! I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore! D- OKAY hi! Hi, how you doin’? How you doin’- Stop fuckin’ doing the Cha Cha in front of me, and die! Wait that was only three! Where is the fourth squid baby? Oh squid baby…! What! What! What the fuck- Okay! Somethin’ happened in there that I didn’t see! Okay. Okay I’m kinda glad I didn’t see it. If it was as ugly as it was loud Then nooo thank you. You all dead? Okay. That one was just lined up for me. Someone jizzed all over him and it was fine. Oooh! A Gloo Cannon! Oh that’s this shit! That’s all this stuff! Okay yeah. I get it. I get it. I get it. PLOP! PLOP! Yeah! Nice! Okay, so. Fr- From what I saw of this, in the promotional materials of the game if I- if you allow me to break the fourth wall here for a second- Is that this creates pathways like this! So you can climb up it! But also it incapacitates things. Which I’m all about. Oh shit… Oh shit! Oh no! Uh- That guy wanted to bring a chair with him. I’m okay on that front. I’m uh- I’m ugh Imma just stay back here and you know… like draw a dick. It’s a lil’ lumpy. But I mean, nobody’s perfect. They’ll never find me up here, Natasha. Also I just took some items out of your butt but that’s fine. Okay come on, Natasha. Come on, Natasha. You’re gonna protect me. Human meat shield. Oh I see them! Ohhh! Okay- Okay shut up, January! I’m with Natasha now! HUP! Go Natasha! T-Tell them- Tell them what for! Tell them- Tell them who’s on their way! Jack’s on the way, that’s who! Natasha. Dead in the water. Useless to me. Okay, sneak attack. Sneak attack, watch this! BOO-BOO-BOO-BOO-BOOM! Fuck you! Oh god, I didn’t hit them with the glue. I didn’t jizz on them. Fuck! It’s okay. Still got ’em. Uh… Yoink! Neuromod is a revolutionary Transtar invention that allows you to learn new skills and abilities. All righty. What can we learn? Scientist, Engineer, Security. I’m more of a Security myself… Hm… I can carry more… or I can fix broken things… Oooh! I don’t need a fuckin’ Neuromod to do that. All I need is duct tape and common sense. Uh… More health… Or hacking…! I do consider myself a bit of a hacker so… Imma get this one! Oh god, oh god, no! Oh Jesus, don’t do it! Fuck- Ohhh god!! UGHHH!!! FUCK! You could’ve just taken an online course instead of sticking fuckin’ barbed wire in your face! There’s some motherfuckers in here. That Jack wants to find. Where are yer. Where- WHAT are yer, actually. Is a better question. AHH! There you are! BLOO-BLOO-BLOO-BLOO! Get jizzed on! HUAH! Yeah! Ah hah! Where there’s two of something, now there is none of something! Well actually it’s ONE of something cos that’s how maths works but- A dirt skiff. Dunno what a dirt skiff is but I want one. There was two of these already, right? OH NO! It was a lie! Everything is lies around here! Sons of bitches! Okay Natasha! Jesus Christ, I thought you were my sniffer dog! Is there any more? Hello? Think there’s one more around. Hm… If I was a dirty bitch, where would I be hidin’? I would be… HERE! No. Ohh there you are! Mon frere, get back here! Did you really try and turn into a fuckin’ door? OH I got the wrong one! There you go. Did you really try and turn into a door? Right here? Did you really think that was going to work? I mean- FUCK! I mean- I know! Morgan is a bit… STUPE! Couldn’t even see that the world had no ground! But hahah, smart cookie! OKAY! Well I’m gonna leave this episode of Prey here. Bless up! Um- This game is really good! I REALLY liked this. I liked the- the style of it. And it makes you really paranoid walking into everywhere. Smashing into everything is like Are you a mimic? Are you a mimic? Is everything a mimic? Am I a mimic? Is anything real? That kind of aspect is really cool and I like the- the weaponry. It’s kinda clever. And I-I get powerful mods and I can myself super speedy or super smart and all that kind of stuff so- Anyway, thank you guys so much for watching this episode. If you liked it, PUNCH THAT LIKE BUTTON IN THE FACE LIKE A BOSSS!!! And. High-fives all around. WAPOOSH! Thank you guys, and I’ll see all you dudes in the next video!! *outro music* So let me just get it uh- Straight. Uh- Morgan me? Or Morgan you? It’s very confusing.


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